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Strategic Objective: Miserable Failure

Go where the peace is...

Go where the peace is…


I know that title doesn’t sound like me — and it isn’t.  More on that in a moment.

This graphic, posted by one of my Facebook friends is sort of the place I need to be right now.

I had my meeting with management. On my way back to the compound afterwards I couldn’t help thinking of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.  It was immediately clear that the reason they wanted the meeting had nothing to do with their stated agenda for the meeting.  We wrapped up in under half an hour and the saddening comment near the very end went something like this:

“We’ll fail miserably and maybe if we do, that will get someone’s attention so maybe we’ll get enough addition to our budget to make this a staffed position like it should be…”

innovation in government

It was troubling to see that the workers within government rate their own agencies so low and that the trend is clearly in the wrong direction. Innovation is NOT rewarded…. sadly… (source: best places in government to work)

That may be the way government works.  …But this is a facility that serves over 1,000,000 people each year and when management says their goal is to fail — I wonder how that is fair to the taxpayers who utilize this wonderful facility and who every year pay more into the coffers than is spent to manage the facility.  It’s a sad, sad, commentary on the Forest Service.  tPerhaps that’s the reason that in a recent survey of best and worst places to work in Government that the US Forest Service came in at number #260….

On the other hand, as a volunteer I did what was asked of me and I did a  good job while I’ve been here.  A positive comment made during our meeting, intended to make me feel good was that “….you’ve taken a marginal program and turned it into a turn-key operation.”  That sounds like a compliment but it ignores the good, hard work of a lot of other people who have been here a lot longer than the person who made the comment and who helped me accomplish those things.  I knew nothing about the place before we got here — everything I accomplished was because of the hard work of others.  That ticks me off.


Three days to go…

However, we have three more days on the clock and at this point my only real objective is make face-to-face farewell visits with all the volunteers, and to attend a monthly staff meeting tomorrow (Thursday) so staff can say goodbye.  I intended to skip that,  but have been prevailed upon by enough folks whom I don’t see regularly to see me before we leave. So, I’ll attend.

We’ll try to get about 1/2 of the Dunes visited today.  (Which didn’t work considering that it came down rain and who wants to talk to a coordinator in the rain.) The rest we’ll do on Friday.  Tonight we are having dinner with a couple of volunteers — that will be nice.  I’m sure we’ll giggle until out stomachs ache and eat too much to boot.  Thursday I have some reimbursements to process and Peg has uniforms to stow.  Then after the staff meeting we are scheduled to have lunch with Da Boss unless she gets called away on an emergency.

The rest of the week is looking do-able.  I thought I’d get out of the office earlier on Tuesday but it was 7 hours doing our best.  Wednesday and Friday should be controllable.  Thursday is up for grabs.

RV Maintenance

I keep stepping on a loose heating duct in the bedroom – before we leave and while I have access to a gazillion different sized screws that no one even knows they have I need to get those two loose ducts secured — and perhaps save a serious gouge in my foot at some point.   But that’s on the list of things for the weekend.  Let’s see if I get to it.

Thanks for stopping by,  I’ll talk with you tomorrow.