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Turn over a new hundred thou…

20140719173350192Not sure if you can make it out, but our CR-V turned over 100,000 miles right in the Siltcoos compound.  Major milestone!  To “make it” turn over in the compound we only had to drive an extra 2 miles on our way home on Sunday — down to Carter Lake Campground and around.  Voila.

I’m feeling better today.  I’ll make the trip to the office for training, and based on yesterday’s phone calls I’ll be down to the South end of the Dunes taking care of last minute details.

On a different front….  I’m awash in water filters….

Ok — so there’s nothing wrong with our coach.  But… purchasing the new coach has us using a different water filtration system and I’m pondering what to do;  continue with what we have or change to a different system?

Everpure-Complete-Wtr-Sys-EV925205_300px(opujd4)We are accustomed to the ‘old reliable’ Everpure under counter drinking water system that came with our Winnebago Journey — it worked, very well, even though it took me a couple water baths to figure out how to change the filter element without getting soaked.   This filter treats everything we drink or cook with.  It does not treat dishwater, shower water, etc.

123284-400x400-RV_water_filterWe always pre-filter our onboard water with some form of inline filter when dumping and refilling.  Usually it has been a Camco type filter that hooks to the fill hose.

0001471740631_500X500Since arriving here on the Forest we have had a Culligan whole house type filter.  This filter has been essential because of the amount of sediment in the well, but it has had us considering our over-all water treatment regimen.

The new Ambassador has a very different inline system for drinking water.  No huge housing and filter — much smaller filter and quick connects making it easier, if not entirely drier, filter changes. mIi2efX5M4kUTV0BuyEOW6w  This has seemed to be quite usable and I know there are varying degrees of filtration available — which is where I’m hung up at the moment:  how much filtration do we want/care about/need.

I’m flummoxed by too much information.

If you haven't looked at water filters -- prepare yourself for some research!

If you haven’t looked at water filters — prepare yourself for some serious research!  If  you live in ONE place the choice is simple — figure out YOUR water and filter it. But when your backyard is the Great U.S.  of A. just what filtration do you really ‘need’?

There are grades 1 – 10, each does something different ; each manufacturer calls the same thing something different.  Oh, my aching head!  And this is just a single manufacturer’s chart!

One of the reasons for re-thinking water filtration is that the Camco in-line filters don’t allow a lot of water flow per minute.  Some of the other systems — like the Culligan whole-house system we have here will do as good a job pre-filtering AND do so more quickly when we are waiting in a queue!  I’ve got time to do some figuring.  We’ll be in Eugene for a week, we’ll have more than enough water to get us to Wisconsin.  Sooner or later I’ll suss it out and make a decision.04

Another day down. Four to go! Today’s the meeting with management. No sweat. After today the rest of the time will be working with Da Boss and visiting volunteers.  Duck Soup!

Thanks for stopping by,  and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.



4 thoughts on “Turn over a new hundred thou…

  1. Linda Sand says:

    Once, when I was at place with good water, I did not use my filter when getting fresh water. Overflowed my tank. Boy, did that fill fast!


    • LOL, Linda!

      They sure do make a lot of difference in how long it takes to put on a full load of water, don’t they!

      We now carry 100 gallons and compared to the 80 we used to carry it seems like a lot longer. One thing I don’t like is the location of our overflow — the old was underneath the coach — the new is inside the water bay and when I over fill I drench the flooring area of the dump area.

      I like the Culligan whole house unit for sediment removal and I wouldn’t mind still filtering drinking water only. But we’ll see. Still thinking about it.




  2. My Subaru Forester is at over 190,000. I’ll have to sell it and get something I can tow, so I don’t know if I’ll see it turn over.

    Good luck with your last few days.


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