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Connie Hanssen and Our Best Meal on the Coast

20140719132220161One more Sunday down. Only one to go on the Coast.  But what a glorious day Sunday WAS!

We did stop at the Green Salmon and the joint was jumping!  I expected more seniors and geezers to be having breakfast but boy, was I wrong.  The place had been taken over by 20- and 30-somethings

Peg had been reading about the Connie Hanssen  Coastal Garden in Lincoln City (she thought it was in Newport — 30 miles closer than it truly was!!!!) so on our second to the last weekend on the Coast we took a drive.  The temps were in the mid 70’s — for the Coast that’s glorious!  It’s HOT.  And the heat also results in fog.


We poked around a little, checked out Devil’s Lake (kind of tucked into Lincoln City), watched beach-goers and partiers and had a really nice quiet day.

This was probably the traffic-y-est day on the road for us.  We tend not to hit the highway when holiday revelers are out there and while there was a lot of traffic for the two lane US 101, it wasn’t all that bad.  Clearly not as terrible as we have been lead to expect.

20140719132340179As we headed back home after enjoying the flowers (it would have been a much better visit had we been here in SPRING) it was coming on lunch-time.  We stopped in Depoe Bay for a ‘quick bite’ that turned out not to be quick (they had a waiting line at 1:30!) but it surely was worth the wait!

Tidal Raves is a SMALL and intimate oceanside bistro.  The drinks are a bit pricey but the food is about par for the Coast but superlative in quality and preparation!  We had to wait half an hour for a window table (well, we had to wait half an hour for a table that just happened to be at a window).  A great spot to look for whales– and in fact we saw our closest whales since arriving on the Coast!  So, now Peg can go home satisfied that she’s seen enough (well, never enough, but some) Cetaceans!

We had delightfully lightly pan fried oysters, a terrific Cioppino, and after all of that a top notch bread pudding with bourbon sauce.  WoW.   We have had several great meals on the Coast but in spite of how much we like Waterfront Depot Restaurant in Florence (and we’re going back next Saturday) I think this had to be the best meal on the Coast — for us.


It’s monday of our last week — 5 days left

OK — today is Monday.  Five days to go and I have no idea what we’ll really do today, other than taking time out at noon for luncheon with a couple of volunteers.  We have a couple dawdling reimbursements to take care of and I have to get ready for my meeting on Tuesday with the staffers who are going to take over my duties.

On that subject I thought about what to convey to them, particularly after a late Saturday phone call from one of the volunteers who needed hand-holding. Da Boss told me on Friday that in her opinion the two fellow staffers who are going to split the coordination duties have little or no understanding of the complexity of the job.  Having  been a little surprised — but in retrospect, after consideration, coming to agree with her — my tactic for this last week on the job has changed.

I had hoped to line up as many of the jobs as I could — I have about 12 apps in process and at least one of them could turn into an immediate hire.  But there are a variety of things needing doing this week in addition to looking for new volunteers and I have been favoring the immediate needs over the longer term needs.  I’m going to continue that way — which means I will not attempt to vet any of our new applicants before turning them over to staff.

Peg and I have been happy to DO this job, but from the outset we have said between ourselves that this really should be a staff position.  Our boss is clearly more of a supervisor and technician than a manager, and after the weekend we agree that the best thing we can do is to essentially dump a lump in management’s lap so that they can see, not a neatly laid out plan, but the bag of snakes that volunteer wrangling truly is.  There won’t be any upset that we don’t have a clearly defined plan laid out… goodness knows no one here knows what a clearly defined plan is.  I say that with no intended meanness.  But after nearly a year here that is simply the case.  Nothing has happened here with any haste.  The arson damaged restroom from last Thanksgiving still has not been repaired,  the closed well is making progress but still isn’t usable. That is just the pace at which the USFS moves.  And when it comes to volunteers the management, not just the supervisors here need to understand the brutal reality of  dealing with volunteers:  they are high maintenance.  And somehow staff needs to find a better way of dealing with them because our boss simply hasn’t the hours in the day to do so.  I’m glad they acknowledge that by stepping up to the plate;  I hope they will learn enough quickly to find a better way of handling what is essentially a job herding cats.

So, there you have it.  It’s Monday morning, I’ve got my job lined up this week and we are bound and determined to make it through this week safely and sanely and letting go of more and more each day. Unfortunately, I woke up with a stomach flu — we spent time with Chris last week, the day before she fell ill, so I suspect it’s just going to be a milder version of a 24 hour flu — we’ll see.

p.s.:  in spite of staying home and in bed I still took half a dozen phone calls during the day, and added to my list of things to be done when we get into the office tomorrow.   what I want to know is who will answer those questions after we’re gone?


2 thoughts on “Connie Hanssen and Our Best Meal on the Coast

  1. Linda Sand says:

    Unless that phone number is one you turn in when you leave, probably you will still get those calls. Can you remember then that it is not your circus?


    • Linda — Turn In Phone It IS! I’m sure I’ll have some calls on our personal number — there are people I’ll always take calls from but nowadays with caller ID I can also make sure I don’t answer the ones I prefer not to answer.

      It will feel very good to turn in my phone and get that off my belt! I will not miss that one bit. I have never been a big phone-caller. In an average month I rarely use 100 minutes of phone time — between the two of us… Since here that is multiple times over and on several phones to boot!



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