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I Couldn’t Dream this Stuff Up!

Just because we have given notice and are officially “Short Timers” doesn’t mean that anything has changed on the Forest.   We stayed home on July 3 and logged on the dispatch board as Telecommuting. I put in 5 hours on the last of the Recreation.gov images.  All in all it’s 818 images and over 1 gigabyte of files. So, the first 5 hours of the day were nice enough… I had finished up about the time the phone rang.  One of our volunteers is convinced there are drug deals going on in his immediate area and he has been talking with our Law Enforcement Officers  (LEO’s) about what he sees as a situation.  Well, this morning it seems he ended up talking with one of what he thinks are dealers and he came away from the conversation convinced that the supposed drug dealer has a particular dislike for him.  Because this has been an ongoing conversation for the past week I spoke to the Officer involved for her take on the situation and they are doing what they must — trying to investigate but with limited information having limited success. Well, this morning’s phone call was clearly a volunteer who felt threatened.  I reiterated the immediate solution we had for him, urging him to take advantage of the offer if he was feeling that threatened.  And his response was “Well, it’s my campground and I’ve been here for 2 years and I don’t want to abandon it on the holiday weekend.”  On one level you might call that commitment — but on another level it would seem foolhardy if he really is a concerned as he makes people believe.  I can’t force him to relocate to another duty station — I can only let him know it’s immediately available.  Law Enforcement isn’t going to come down and stand by his side if nothing is happening.  It’s a truly frustrating situation.  I would hate to see him hurt, but neither can I move his RV FOR HIM. Later in the morning I had a phone call from one of several people who have full-time brick & stick residences nearby.  It seems that due to bizarre circumstances there was a sheriff at his door with a restraining order forcing him out of his brick & stick residence in compliance of the restraining order.  I have no idea how or why; I do know the who’s; and that what’s and when’s are none of my business.  But the question was asked — “Is there a place that we can stay until we get this cleared up — how about XXXXX’s old site.” With no one else around I said yes, of course.  I’m hoping he’s ok and we’ll check in on him to see how they are making out.  He, his wife and their grandchild will, it appears, be living in a tent over the holiday.  At least the weather is nice. We had gone out for last minute pre-holiday supplies when the call came in.  As we were pulling into our compound there was Da Boss doing her day-before-the-holiday checks and making sure everything was working and taken care of.  Turns out she will probably work on the 4th even though she’s scheduled to be off.  We offered to hop in a truck and pick up trash and stuff but our offer was refused with a “but you guys do so much.”

Tahkenitch Lake

Tahkenitch Lake

I brought her up to date on the latest drama and we chatted for a while.  It’s an interesting relationship we have had from the get-go with her.  For all the problems on the Forest we will miss her — she truly has been a wonderful boss — more of a collaborator than a boss.  But then the artist in me rarely sees superiors or inferiors — so much of life is about collaboration with each bringing their own strengths to the table and each contributing what they are able. Anyway… the only thing that stays the same is change… and maybe drama. Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


10 thoughts on “I Couldn’t Dream this Stuff Up!

    • Well, my friend, in 19 more days we’ll be looking to find one of those places!!!!!!!

      IT’s funny though — that we sort of love this odd assortment of loonies and bizarros and exceptionally nice folks. But I will never again think that Judge Judy is just a bunch of paid actors and that people can’t possibly be that strange when I see Honey Boo Boo on TV or promotions for some new ‘reality’ show.

      My life used to be much more ordered and refined — it for no other reason than to make me aware of these strange, wonderful, sometimes marginalized people — it’s good to have been here!

      Have a quiet Sunday my friend and ponder on! >


  1. If it makes you feel any better….

    My day involved a garden wedding with 200 guests. Naturally it poured rain. Not only a hysterical bride to un-ruffle but a wing nut mother of the bride hell bent on criticizing anything that dared move. Then I find out that the dishwasher in our kitchen has been arrested and charged with 4 counts of rape. Seems he washed dishes in the morning, raped in the afternoon. Holy crap! I exchanged pleasantries with this man every day!


    • You got it worse than us. And when it comes to whacks and perverts there’s no predicting who’s the good guys and who’s the bad guys… they don’t wear labels.

      We really need, someplace along the line, to sit and share a cup or hoist a glass — I wish we could do it this trip but I’m sure we will be back to the coast — and on our own schedule without days to work and such. Stay safe — hysterical whacko brides and wing nut mothers are why I gave up wedding photography!!!!!


      • I have no doubt that one day we’ll hoist a pint of beer 🙂

        As for weddings – the nature of the beast is precisely what drove my husband and I to politely skip town and marry in Vegas. As for dishwasher dude – you’re right, he was a little odd but in my wildest dreams never crossed my mind he left work to rape.


      • Ya know, while we’ve been here there have been comments from other volunteers about the other, more eccentric, volunteers, the ones causing problems and the ones that seem to pull the wool over the eyes of those who might fire them. And each and every time I have responded the same way…

        People reveal their true selves whether they want to, or not. And I really believe that. It would be better in the case of the dishwasher had they not been ALLOWED to rape, for the sake of the victim, but the real self will always ultimately be revealed. Sometimes we just need to wait a little longer…

        It seemed to me that as there were more TV programs about Bridezillas that it was taken as normal behavior and it seemed as if brides took what they saw on TV as a hallmark of how they were supposed to behave rather than an example of marginal behavior. Anyway… I had my share and I’ll pass on any more. 🙂



  2. I’m glad to learn that you will be moving on soon, and I hope you have a nice stretch of time coming up to just enjoy some of the things you both like to do for awhile. After reading blogs from full-timers, I’m starting to rethink the possibility of going full-time in the RV after we retire. I’m just not sure it is all the dream we think it might be right now. But, we have a long time until that possibility comes around.


    • Don’t worry— decompression time is part of the plan! We won’t be volunteering for a while –that’s definite. And we have enough ideas of things to do that we’ll be busy at our own pace for a good while.

      Part of WHAT I write is because RV’ing is NOT for everyone and I hope to be honest enough to let people see the good, the bad, and the ugly. What works for some is not utopia for someone else. But it’s hard to evaluate that when you aren’t IN an RV — just looking at them…..

      We are incredibly thankful to have been here; and we’ll be incredibly thankful when we leave too. No one has kept us here — other than our own objectives and we are happy to have completed what we intended ahead of schedule.

      So, for us, it’s win – win. 🙂


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