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The Off Again, On Again, Disappearing Volunteer


Here we are all hooked up for the trip back to Siltcoos

Here we are leaving Guaranty with our Toad all hooked up.  When we’re hooked we’re about 55 feet  give or take.

Our South Roving Caretaker stopped off to see us this morning with news.  It appears that our troublesome former Volunteer Coordinator — the chappie who left in a huff in October just before we arrived, stayed away until we changed jobs and then returned in January; the one who threatened to leave (using bullying tactics to get what he wanted), and the one who has been insulting and rude to pretty much everyone — seems to have left — in a huff again.

We took a drive down there — to Eel Creek where he had been living — in the compound where we should have moved in December — to see what things looked like.  Indeed his site is empty, and it appears he has departed.  The South Zone Rover is ecstatic; he was one of the most abused of the volunteers by our recently departed volunteer.  I have yet to hear any official story.  Da Boss is due back from vacation tomorrow; I heard nothing about a departure as of Friday so I’m not sure whether any of the staff even know about it.  HIs truck is parked but I have no idea where his keys are or where any of his gear might be.  I’m hoping he returned stuff back to the office but we weren’t in a mood to stop there today.

Getting Closer to an Office

Of greater interest and much more fun for me was time spent organizing our RV office.2014062913533707  After moving files around the other day so we rid ourselves of those nasty plastic storage cabinets I have been encouraged to keep moving forward on the organization front.

You have seen the office area at the rear of our coach. I have been wanting to find a more stable and convenient way of storing our Drobo storage robot, our server, two Apple Airport  Extremes and our dedicated battery backup and surge suppressor.  And for the past couple weeks I have been thinking about where I wanted to put all this stuff.  2014040210253506Fortunately it worked out nicely that I could get all of that gear into the corner desk space.  I’m very happy with the results.  I need to Velcro a couple things  together — to insure a safer transit — but the hard part is done.  And the work Center saw came in handy!

no-slip carpet pad

Our latest best friend! No Slip Carpet Pad

I have yet to find a place for our scanner/printer to live.  Presently it lives on the back window seat.  But that surface isn’t quite wide enough for the printer to sit there during transit.  I’ll figure out something soon enough.  Perhaps  a little built up block that will support the front of the printer full width.  We’d be able to use a little piece of carpet no-slip to keep it from sliding.

While I’m talking about no-slip carpet padding I have to admit that it has become our new best friend.  We keep our silverware holder on the buffet , as we all as a serving butter fly adorned service tray for odds and ends items we want within reach. Not only do we use that carpet pad for carpets/rugs, we also use it to place underneath the trays to keep them from sliding off the buffet, and several other places.  It’s cheap; it’s thin; and it works.

Ok — that’s all for now.  I’ll be talking with you tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “The Off Again, On Again, Disappearing Volunteer

    • Mr Huffy used to have our job. He came back when he knew for sure that he wouldn’t have to drive a desk, but to use what little human insight I have, he didn’t like being a small fish after having been a big one. Nor does he like taking orders from women — any women — even Da Boss who truly appreciated how much work he could accomplish and gave him pretty much free reign to do what he wanted. But being confronted by a WOMAN superior to Da Boss he lost it.

      He needs professional help — for sure.

      But in the end NO ONE has mourned his departure. It’s truly sad to get to your mid 70’s and to be so out of touch. But then, as one of the volunteers has said…. “He’s just a Georgia Cracker.” I feel for him. I really do. He has become a lonely, lonely old man and has condemned himself to even greater loneliness by his attitude. Truly, we get the life we deserve. >


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