An Embarrassing End to A Successful Day

Let me tell you the embarrassing part first.

You will remember that we are here because of electrical problems.  When the technician showed me the burnt out circuit boards I’m surprised we didn’t have a fire!  But, they finished up the repair in decent order yesterday. Because we are living 80 miles away we decided to stay the night and give the parts a chance to burn in overnight.


Always make sure you battery disconnect switch hasn’t shut off power!

This morning they started working on the Satellite antenna install and finally finished up about 4 p.m..  Given the timing, and the fact that there are often 3 or 4 squad cars/pickups parked at the compound on a Friday evening, we decided to hang out one more night, leave in the morning, and avoid the traffic and any impediments to negotiating in our compound.

When we moved the coach to the overnight parking area we got settled, leveled, were ready to extend the slides — and the last thing we do before extending is to plug into shore power when we have it.

We did.

And nothing happened.  There’s a power monitor that displays incoming power and it didn’t light up.  The climate controls were dead.  The 110 volt outlets in the bedroom were dead.  And none of the circuit breakers had blown including the main, or the ones on the power inverter.  Go Figure!

After a little panic (it WAS 4 p.m. on a Friday) we finally got someone to check it out and boy did I feel foolish.  Either the mechanic or we had inadvertently hit the battery disconnect switch at the door and as soon as we turned that on all was well.  Sigh.  Still learning about our new coach, right?

2014062712211102At lunchtime we tried a local place called Boss Hawg’s.  In spite of a #2 rating and good reviews the meal looked better than it tasted.  It arrived barely warm and a bit bland.  But it LOOKED good.  I don’t think we’ll try them again even if we are back at the dealer for some reason.
2014062719121103Talk about looking good.  Our coach isn’t bad,  when it was new it was close to top of it’s line.  But sitting here amid all these new luxury coaches makes one a bit self conscious.  2014062719123004There isn’t a coach in either of these two shots that’s priced below $225,000.00!  If we had an inferiority complex we would feeling really envious. As it is I’m glad we have the coach that we have.  Our first fuel fill — which might not have been full in the first place gave us an initial mileage around 8.7 mpg and in talking with the mechanics here they were saying that the more recent Caterpillar engines are lucky to et 3 mpg.  YIKES!

Traveler 1000I think I mentioned that our old coach took with it our Winegard Traveler antenna.  That antenna is probably the best antenna around — as far as what it does.  But like any permanently mounted antenna there is the issue of whether you can SEE the sky for your antenna to work wherever you are parked.  We thought a lot about replacing it with a portable antenna.  There are several that are pretty good.  But none works as well when it does get a signal and there is always the theft factor — someone can walk off with your portable in the middle of the night — that doesn’t happen with a roof mount!
2014062719132207So the new antenna is now mounted, the control module is in place on top of the DISH receiver and we are live.  It’s amazing how simple it can be to ‘find’ three different satellites — thousands of miles away — without the assistance of … anyone!  So, here’s a picture of the Ambassador with the Traveller installed.
You will remember that we are here because of electrical problems.

Peg hasn’t been sleeping well lately.  We have no one waiting on us tomorrow.  We have no where to be until Monday morning.  We’re going to get a late (for us) start in the morning, get back to the compound and get re-hooked up and settled in.  I’m tired of messing around at dealerships.  I’ll be glad to get back to normal life.

Thanks for stopping by.  I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


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