The No-Heat Pump


The Guaranty RV Travel Center from the South — what you can’t see are the 12 service bays here for their customers — plus additional bays at other nearby buildings.

We’re off on another adventure.  We left Siltcoos for Junction City to see if we can sort out the cause of our misbehaving rear heat pump.  Might as well get it sorted while we’re still here near the selling dealer.  In the end we concluded that our heat pump circuit breaker kicking out is not a fault of the coach but a fault of wonky line voltage in the forest.  The heat pump works fine on powered by the Genset and line voltage here in the valley — just not in Siltcoos.

Surge Protector

When we get back to Siltcoos our new surge suppressor should be there.

I had some fears about this before we headed to Junction City.  We had a Surge protector that we purchased from Camping World  last year.  It worked OK but specifically said it needed to be installed vertically.  That has been a problem on the Forest seeing as our power post is very low to the ground and we could never really get it VERTICAL.  We have ordered a new one — from a different manufacturer that is designed to set on the ground.

Not to have made the trip for nothing, while we were at the dealership we decided to address our lack of 12 VDC outlets2014061819463304. We found one that had both a cigarette lighter AND a built in USB charger port and that rests now right at a convenient place in our dashboard.

I thought I had given all the keys to the coach with the service writer when we arrived.  But at lunch time  — seeing as they had our kitchen and we couldn’t make a lunch for ourselves we drove a mile up the road to Tin Sing Chinese Restaurant. 2014061811362002 They had the zippiest Hot and Sour Soup that we’ve had since arriving on the coast.  The meals were tasty and ample — but wouldn’t you know — just about the time our meals were brought to the table the service writer called to say that they needed another key… so we wolfed down our meal and got back to the dealership. 2014061811362403

While we were hanging out at Guaranty RV I checked my email — using the dealerships free WiFi and I finally got my email telling me I could pickup my LincPass — evidently I passed my background check.  Checking the online scheduling through GSA I discovered I could get an appointment for the next day in Springfield so we decided to hang out here at the dealership overnight — plugged into 50amp power and chillin’.


The ambassador in the evening’s light.

We had burgers for dinner and settle down in front of the TV for an evening of honest to goodness Air-TV.   In the morning we’ll do some shopping before we head over to the USDA for my LincPass and then back to Siltcoos.

We’ll hit Camping world to look for a better bug-off-the-windshield-scraper.  I’ve seen some with what is basically a poly pot scrubber and I’ve been looking for something similar.  I’m not in a hurry to spend money but I’m tired of looking between bugs — and this new coach has such bigger windshields!

We’ll hit Home Depot to look for some storage tubs that fit the new basement better — now that we have significantly more basement to fill.

And then back to the Forest.

Thanks for stopping by an I’ll talk with you tomorrow.



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