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Have to get in a little drive in the Ambassador

The new new-to-us coach is getting to us.  I am wanting SO much to get in her and GO!

Our Ambassador parked in our site here on the Forest!

Our Ambassador parked in our site here on the Forest!

I’m not sure if this feeling qualifies as ‘hitch-itch’ or not but it’s eating me alive.  I found a solution though.  We’ve been talking about solar power and one of the best solar installers in the country is only 70 miles from here so we have a consultation appointment at AM Solar in another week.  Whether we schedule an install as soon as we have a firm quotation  (installations are actually being scheduled 6 weeks out)  or whether we wait until closer to our departure from OR, or even decide for some reason that we aren’t going to proceed — at least we’ll have a better idea of what is entailed, what we can expected, and how many $$$$ it’s going to cost.

It’ll be a few days before we have a report — as I say, the appointment if for a week from now. But I’m excited.  Partly to start moving forward on solar, but also just to get behind the wheel of the coach and see how she handles again.  Also there’s the issue of our Blue-Ox tow bar.  4420_1_lgWhen we picked the new coach up at Junction City we did not take our CR-V along, and without thinking I backed the coach into our site before measuring our ground clearance — so I don’t yet know whether I’ll need a spacer to get our Toad and  Coach at the right height for each other when it finally comes time to head out of here.

You may recall from a previous post that the receiver at the Honda needs to be level or 1″-4″ lower than the receiver at the Coach — for safety. Measurements are first order of the day.  The spacers are easily available but I think that we’ll be OK with what we already have.  It seems there’s never an end to the little details that accompany RV’ing.

our short jaunt

Our Short Jaunt

That said — the idea of finally being able to boondock — is exciting.  Journey did not have much reserve power even with new batteries and we didn’t want to push our luck too much.  Properly equipped I think we can have a lot of fun out in the wilderness — if I can convince Peg not to worry about something while we’re there.  :-\

Thanks for stopping by; I’ll talk with you tomorrow.



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  1. Linda Sand says:

    The ability to boondock took away a lot of my worry. Knowing we didn’t have to find a place with hookups while traveling–priceless.


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