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Big City People in a Small Town

The SUN was calling our name this morning.   We just had to get out into it, enjoy the lush green, and see some more of the local area.   So, we combined a shopping trip to Eugene with a drive to Drain & Elkton for a really nice and scenic day. The fact of life with Peter and Peggy is that as much as we whinge about not liking large cities we are definitely addicted to the things that come from larger cities!  Sigh.  Peg had a couple things she wanted for stores we don’t have; I have been looking for a 2 qt saucepan we can use on our induction burner, so it was a good day for multiple purposes.

One thing I miss out here are shoulders wide enough to pull over for pictures.  We passed SO MANY wonderful sites today that I would loved to have stopped to shoot and there simply was nowhere to do so.  I love this area but I’m not getting as many off-the-road shots as I would normally. Argh.

Drain and Elkton are old communities being founded in the 1800’s when Oregon was totally out in the boonies.   Originally settled in 1847 there are still a goodly number of attractions in Drain to make a stop worth while.

Elkton has been an incorporated city since 1848, but today it’s much smaller than Drain — with a population hovering around 200.  Still and  all it’s an interesting little place.

motorcycle popup camper


While we were out I noticed a motorcycle with the cutest little popup trailer.  We had seen one like this last summer at the Crosslake COE campground and never got  a photo.  That night the camper came in across the road from us and set up,  and by the time we got to stirring in the morning he was already gone.  This is the cleverest idea if you’re traveling solo on a motorcycle!  I doubt we’ll be doing it any time soon -but what a clever idea!

That’s enough for today.  Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with your tomorrow!



4 thoughts on “Big City People in a Small Town

    • I don’t think it took him more than 5-10 minutes to be set up — the one we saw in MN last summer. This one looked almost identical. But for all the motorcycle campers I’ve seen in my life — which are a bunch — this makes the most sense (to me) for touring! I love this. >


    • I thought it awesome too! I don’t think I could ‘downsize’ enough to travel on a cycle but it sure looks fun. Peg and I talked (a few decades ago) about getting a big touring bike like a Gold Wing and trying it — but we came to our senses not many days later when we saw a bunch of bikers huddled under an underpass waiting for the rain to stop!

      This RV thing surely has changed how we behave in a different place. In days gone by on a vacation we’d be going, going, going, each and every day and cramming as much into each day as possible. Now we are quite content to see something one weekend, and stay at home the next.I am falling in love with the way this is playing out. There have been days I thought coming out here for this gig was a mistake — just because we wanted to see more of the country — but I really think it’s helping me get to the point where I am ready to be retired too, not just Peg, and that we’ll be more relaxed and less purpose driving when we do leave here.

      Lots of Little towns with Lots of History here!



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