Getting Back Into the Post Holiday Rhythm

At the moment I’m writing a few days ahead due to a variety of causes. Soon I’ll be back to needing a post for the next day — but that’s just the way life goes. So, as it goes today was the first day back after the Memorial Day weekend.motorola-barrage-v860-xl-2

We lucked out; no phone calls all weekend after Friday evening.  Everyone did not have that good of a weekend.  There were two fatalities on the dunes over the holiday;  people doing stupid stuff and paying the price for their own actions.  It’s sad that ‘fun’ activities so often result in accident and death but there are no cures for alcohol induced stupid behavior or for disregarding the laws of physics.

On a positive note, after seeing a forecast for overcast skies today we still wanted to get out and get some campsite photos taken.  We fled the office about 10:30 and managed to get photos taken at Bluebill and Wild Mares as well as picking up the missing campsites from Lagoon and Waxmyrtle campgrounds that were occupied last week when we made our first round for photos.  r116-hv-bibs

55232F-pThe shipment from Grundens showed up today.  Finally.  Our local supplier is great about getting rain gear ordered and Grundens is usually good about shipping quickly but this time they let us down.  Our Driftwood Caretaker has been getting soaked to the skin for way too long and I was happy to get her outfitted properly!   I swear these High Visibility outfits are so bright that they almost hurt your eyes looking at them.  In a few weeks the color fades a little and then they are OK,    but the first few wearings are really something to get used to.

I hope to speak with the Collections officer tomorrow to find out how we are going to upload all these photos.  How this plays out will have some impact on our future plans.

I am still wondering what we’re going to do about the volunteer location guide.  The Forest Service seems to want a guide volunteers can pass out to visitors, but we are more interested in a guide that will help us recruit more and better volunteers — getting better volunteers will be better for the guests in more ways than providing them with tourism hints.

Tomorrow I’ll probably go into the office alone.  I need to talk with Da Boss about fall recruiting and to make some changes to my Volunteer database.  I have found a replacement for one of our Driftwood II hosts — that’s good.  And I learned today that Fred & Polly will be returning in October.  They were the father/daughter caretakers who left us unexpectedly in April, two weeks early because of an accident involving Fred’s son/Polly’s brother.  The son/brother is making progress, they are up in the Columbia Gorge caretaking there, and are still on track to return.


EXCEL has become ubiquitous here.

I am still flummoxed by the lack of a useable database program. So much of my ‘job’ here has involved finding my own resources and I hoped that I could ‘find’ a database that was available to me that would allow me to customize my own fields for use building a resource for future volunteer coordinators.  Two calls to the helpdesk have failed to offer any solutions.  Does everyone use EXCEL instead of a database now?  I know you can customize EXCEL with macros and ‘stuff’ but this MAC aficionado doesn’t know enough about EXCEL to get that job done.

On the subject of computer problems, these government machines download their own updates, and install them too.  At least that’s what is supposed to happen.  I have a program that has been trying to install itself for a couple days and it’s stealing processing slices slowing down my computer.  I tried to get some help from the helpdesk but they told me that they didn’t know what the problem was and gave me a phone number at the Forest Service to call for specialized help — except the phone number gets forwarded to someone else’s extension – so I’m not getting any help at all.  Hmmmmm…. what to do, what to do.

returntothe midwest

On the topic of future travels, I think we have decided that IF we head East in the Coach that we’ll probably stop off to see Peg’s brother once again.  We’re all getting older and as long as we are ‘only’ 900 miles away we might as well make the extra stop.  We had talked about Kathryn coming out to visit and then return with us in the CR-V for my annual doctor’s appointment.  But changing plans might change that plan as well.  All of this is up in the air — but we’re thinking.

My inquiry to AM Solar was referred to a different party —  to one of the partners.  So, until I hear back from the company about a solar installation the timing of everything is up in the air.

Well, thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Getting Back Into the Post Holiday Rhythm

    1. I should have added… that this trip West has / is turning into something quite different than we had anticipated. We anticipated getting West and then hanging out here several years with quick trips back for annual Dr visits and that’s about it. But for reasons having nothing to do with being homesick we seem to be leaning towards taking the COACH back to the Midwest and then wintering in TX (perhaps) as had been our original plan prior to finding this volunteer gig.
      I DO want to spend some time N of the border but doubt that it will be this time around.
      On a slightly different subject — because we have never driving this coach more than to and from Junction City there IS some incentive to getting the coach out on the road so that we have some idea how she’s going to be to TRAVEL in. Fuel Mileage / Handling characteristics / Finding parking spots big enough for our 40j footer. and such.


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