A Few RV Repairs and a Chill Holiday

RV’s need repairs too.  And Monday give us the opportunity to do a couple repairs (other than remounting that TV) and to do a little more gardening.  We picked up a couple more flower pots for tomatoes, a cana lily that Peggy wanted to get, and some marigolds.  And she got busy planting.

I went to town on re-routing some water lines to the coach from the water supply and replacing the leaky end of the retractable filling hose.  I noticed a few days ago that the handy-dandy retractable potable water hose that comes with the coach was leaking.  Not just a couple drops but a small triclle.  So, time to get out the tools and fix it.   Finding the repair kit was easy — though making sure that we had the right size — 1/2″ Female is what we needed. The replacement only took a few minutes.

With the leak fixed that gave me a chance to run the retractable hose over to the water hydrant and to remove the  20′ hose and insulation and heat tape we had installed last fall.  If we are still here this winter we’ll re-run the heat tape on top of the retractable hose; if we have left — then that’s one job that’s already done.

hose repair kit

I took this at the store, but what we needed was 1/2″ and not 3/4″

I also used the sunny afternoon to switch off of ‘City Water’, to fully fill our onboard tanks, (finding out where the overflill drain is so that we are ready for filling on the road whenever that happens) and to play around with our water tank compressor pump.  We haven’t used it at all since buying the Ambassador and its not a bad idea to make sure everything works.

I also took the time to go through our box full of Ambassadors owners documents — something I’d not done since taking delivery.  I had some to throw away — like those for the RCA tube TV’s we replace and some to replace with newer ones (LCD TV’s and a couple personal add-ons).  At least now I know what documentation I have now. I do believe in reading manuals — just not necessarily first thing. 🙂


The official All US Corps of Engineers Campground map.

We also got out our all-U.S.A. Corps of Engineers campground map.  They have not reprinted this map since 2006, so they are hard to come by, but I find it invaluable when planning new trips. And we used a good part of the morning to talk about were we actually WANT to go in the next few years.

As much as I love my wife she’s not the easiest person to get to tell you what she actually wants.  So, we took a good part of the  morning highlight places she doesn’t care to go.  That seemed easier to do than to pick where she wanted to go.  It’s not my preferred methodology; making decisions by negatives. But for the moment we need somemethodology that will get us past relearning what we’ve forgotten in the last year and get us back onto the road.  That said — ProhibitionSign2I think we’ve taken San Diego off the list of sooner-rather-than-later places to visit.   That’s Ok — too many people there anyway! 🙂


4 thoughts on “A Few RV Repairs and a Chill Holiday

  1. San Diego was always a second home for me and when I was younger I truly loved it but with all the changes in the world, it is no longer the most awesome place in the world and the crime/gang/drug problems have escalated to the point that it is not on my places to go list anymore.


    1. Mrs P,

      Interesting comment. I’ve only been a couple times but I found it entrancing. I have always wanted to ’share’ SD with Peggy but since retiring our mutual dislike of large cities has kind of gone whacko for Peg and she has developed a real aversion to any city. Since retiring, other than the time we spent back home in MKE our city visits have been very limited. We have been through (interstate without stopping) Denver, Sacramento, Reno, and we have visited Portland. And that’s it.

      It’s not about traveling there in the RV – in fact we had talked about getting a monthly rental in SD for much of a winter. But at this point she just doesn’t care to be in/near any big city.

      We’ll see what happens over time.



      1. I am less concerned about traveling through than I would be about staying there. Though tourism often does not see the uglier side of cities. Though I have found tourists are bait for criminals. I haven’t completely ruled it out but it is no longer at the top of my list. I spent every summer there…all summer, in my youth and have many fond memories.


      2. I completely agree about the target on the back of tourists.
        I don’t really see ourselves as tourists though. For one thing we rarely visit the tourist Meccas. And we do try to blend in — except of course for the obvious variations in clothing and license plates.
        We’ll see whether or not we ever make it there — I’m the one to have traveled most and now that I have been to the OR Coast I’m willing to take second seat to the destination selection process — providing I can get Peg to actually MAKE suggestions. 🙂 Gotta love that gal!


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