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I haven’t been very good about posting photos lately.  To make amends I’ll add some shots from Wednesday’s jaunt up to Newport.2014051408403717 There IS a coastal horse trail system. But to be honest I’m having a hard time finding much information about it.  When we stopped off at the Central Coast Ranger Station specifically to find out about what this sign is advertising we didn’t get much satisfaction — so I’m still hunting on this one.  We do have regular equestrian users in the Dunes — but this one sign notwithstanding I’m not sure how many equestrian users there are as you move further North.  For sure the road up to Cape Mountain is not all that friendly for a horse trailer!2014051409132319

Our next stop along the way was the Cummins Creek area.  Cummins Creek is an established wilderness area and there is some gorgeous old grown forest to be found here.

There are two vehicle accessible areas — one is the Cummins Ridge trail, the other is the Cummins Creek trail.  For geezers like us, the Creek Trail was much more appealing.

Once you are into the forest it’s absolutely wonderful! This is forest as I have never known it.  I just love this part of the country.

The over views on the way up to the Ridge trail are wonderful. There are a few places along the trail where you get some overlooks but the density of the forest means that some of these long distance views are reserved for the few and far between spots where you’re just at the right edge of the hill to have an opening in the canopy and distant hills to be seen.

2014051409230028 Summer is coming.  I forget what these flowers are called — I could look it up but I’m too lazy.  I do know that I had some of these in our garden is Wisconsin and I was lucky to get them to bloom by Late July or August.  This guy is just doing his thing in the middle of the forest without cultivation or attention.  It just tickled my heart to see him standing proud on the edge of a steep hill.

2014051409500634And then there are these moments of light.  I have seen a lot of ferns in my life – they are quite abundant in the Midwest.  It’s possible they look just the same ‘back home’ and I forgot, or it’s possible that I’m just looking at things with a more appreciative eye since arriving here — but the effect of bright light down here on the forest floor constantly amazes me.   So too the visual effect of moss growing in thick layers on tree branches.  I’ve been half looking for some good examples of that but it has been happening that when I see them I don’t even have my iPhone with me, much less a camera I can get up close with so I’ll have to save that for another day.

I hope you enjoyed some of the sights.  We did.  We are.  We shall…

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


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    • WI has no ‘old growth’ forest, so having the chance to live here for however long is a real blessing. It’s magical to be here among these giants!


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