The Fixer

Today was a good day for fixing things.

Peg took the day off to do laundry; I went in to catch up on some neglected chores.

It's amazing what resetting a GFCI will do!

It’s amazing what resetting a GFCI will do!

While I was gone I got a call about our new-used washing machine quitting.  When I finally got back home I found the GFI had tripped and the circuit was just dead.  Resetting the GFI the washer did what it’s supposed to do.

Our 110V breaker panel

Our 110V breaker panel

We’ve been having problems with our rear Heat Pump for the last week and I haven’t had an interest in trouble shooting it.  As long as I had good luck with the washer I decided to check the circuit breaker for the rear heat pump.  Turns out it was a similar problem — blown circuit breaker — except it happened almost a week prior, and it’s not the GFI circuit.  We’ll keep our eyes on the unit so see if it’s drawing too much power — tripping the circuit — of if it was just a one-off surge.

2014051216044602There are a lot of ways in which we are still getting used to the new coach. In Journey the 110 V breaker box was under the bed and hard to see. In the Ambassador it’s up high and quite easy to get at — when I think to look there.  The 12 Volt fuse box is located in the same place and the circuits are nicely marked — better than in the Winnebago.  I love it!

2014051216050503Our thermostat is very different from what we had in the Winnebago.  That had three modes –gas heat, electric heat (heat pump) and a/c.  We could simulate another mode in A/C mode by setting the fan to constant or automatic.

The Ambassador has a very different system. There is a fan mode, a furnace mode, heat pump mode and cooling mode.  All four modes have two zones — (2) bedroom & bath as well as (1) kitchen and lounge. The stat works nicely but it has a built in time delay that Journey did not have — due I think to the fact that there are remote sensors — all the way in the front window and all the way in the ‘office’ the middle gets a little warmer but we won’t be as chilly this winter as we were last winter.


Below the thermostat we have a status board, with push button controls for tank status (holding, gray, LP, & Fresh water) as well as on off switches for the 12V & 120 V water heaters.  Our slide controls live there as does the control for our basement heat.

Below those controls are two more electrical panels. 2014051216052705One tell us about the ‘shore power’ — how many amps are coming into the Coach and what circuits are live with that amperage.

The other control is for our battery charging system.  Very much different from the ‘Heart Interface’ in Journey but performing the same functions.

b4fc1d260b2ec28b9662bfae08e3fea9So — long story short — all our systems are back up and running and Peggy is a happy laundry wench.  😉 I am quite happy hoping that my serving wench is going to bring me a nice cold draught of suds (not the laundry kind).  So, until something else breaks and I look the fool and display my mechanical and electrical ignorance I’ll enjoy the role of repairman-hero, and play King of the House!  Anyone want a nice cold beer? tavern_wench048_by_dashinvaine-d6wxncd

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow!


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