Tall Ships Come to Coos Bay

The Tall Ships have arrived!  Coos Bay and North Bend being on the Coast it’s not surprising that they celebrate the history and tradition that made Coastal life what it is today.  I know there was a tall ship festival last year,  but I don’t know how long or often they’ve been doing this.  If the weather holds we hope to get down to Coos Bay and check it out ourselves.

The Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain

The Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain

It will be nice to snoop around Coos Bay a little.  So far our visits have been mostly personal business — a trip with a purpose here, a trip to return something there.  But we haven’t just hung out.

Last year we were hanging out with Delbert Garner on the Nina & the Pinta.  He was crewing with them and we had opportunity to catch up with him. This year we’ll check out another version of high seas travel.

The following weekend should be the Florence Rhodie Festival.  Most of the rhodies are coloring up nicely now and I think they should be pretty close to full bloom in another week.

tall ships come to coos bayOk — I guess that’s about it for me today.  thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Tall Ships Come to Coos Bay

    1. Ponder, I’m not sure if I’m supposed to take you seriously in this one or not.

      The rigging on those old ships used to be replaced in under a year, the rope was so poor. The canvas sails were short lived. And the ‘permenance’ of wood only seemed thus because of hours and hours and hours of maintenance and re-caulking (‘scept they called it something else — can’t remember the term) Yeah — there still exist old ships but they are a pain to maintain

      When Delbert spent the summer on the Nina & Pinta and we went to visit him — after hearing his daily maintenance chores I figured that camp hosts had it a lot easier! 🙂



      1. Ok — now THAT I can embrace fully!

        Funny though — I liked old things even before it was me who was doing the groaning and creaking and soldiering on! 🙂

        I honestly don’t know why I love old sailing ships. Or whether it’s the fact that they are WOOD and ‘of another time.’ There is a museum of sorts of Wooden Sailing Boats in Seattle someplace — I found it on one of my solo photo trips LOVED that. We’ve been on the U.S.S. Constititution and a bunch of other old sailers and they all fascinate me… Partly the ingenuity, partly the lost lifestyle, partly the slower pace of a long lost world.

        But I suspect our children’s children will say the same about Pac Man, and rotary phones and… well, you get the idea.

        🙂 Have a happy — it’s my last day of the week! 🙂



  1. Peter, we have one advantage with the tall ships. Two of them are very talked about historically. The Mayflower and The Nina and Pinta. All those children will read about the people who traveled on those ships but one for one, they will be blown away at how small they actually are and they start to get the magnitude of what it must have been like for people to travel this way…the sickness, the scurvy. I was able to get my students on the Nina and Pinta as part of an educational program and with all of the on one boat it was cozy…standing room only. The Mayflower is the same way.

    In San Francisco, they have quite a nice selection of historic ships and they used to allow middle schoolers to stay over the weekend and take in all the sailor activities. Times like that, I wished I was a kid again. Except you will NEVER see me walking along the yardarm…Never…tooo scary!


    1. I too am anti-feet-off-terra-firma! Never have liked ladders or mountain climbing!

      The idea that 26 men (boys really) slept on the dci of the Nina, unsheltered from the weather and cramped for space was enough to cure me from any longing to return to the ‘good old days.’ It’s a statement on how intolerable life might have been or just how much people wanted to escape / explore! I’m not sure how many U.S. Citizens would really understand that motivation.


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