Re Wiring

It would be nice to finish a project from time to time.


This old RCA 24″ is what we started with.

When we bought our new digital TV I knew that the installation would be a little tricky — I’m not a great wood worker.  This weekend I put my fears aside and bit the let’s-get-this-conversion-done bullet.

I had experimented with the cabinetry a few days and removed the trip panel so that I could see what lay underneath.   The new TV is only 1.9″ deep (front to back) so we didn’t need a lot of depth but the cabinetry in the Ambassador extends quite a way into the interior so I didn’t want the new TV to extend beyond the cabinetry.

2014050310365719 When I pulled the TV on Saturday I saw a pair of steel channel frames.  Only one was used for the TV, and two brackets on either side of the TV, crossing each other, provided for in-out adjustment and some screen tilt.  The more I thought about that mechanism the more I thought I could take out that first steel frame, gain a few pounds of weight, and find a better way of mounting the TV further into the cabinet.
2014050413560201 So, that’s what I did.  I took out the first frame and pondered how to anchor a mounting board for the new TV.  My goal was not to make a permanent installation.  I would really like to hire someone to make a nice cabinet, but I anticipated some difficulties connecting my modern set up to my 10 year old command center.  But even with a temporary goal in mind I knew i’d be in for a couple challenges.

The solution for this weekend was some precision cut wood blocks I could attach to those criss-cross brackets and angle down for proper viewing.  Cutting the blocks was easy enough — I’ve got a big table saw at the work center.  Cutting the mounting board was easy enough as well.  The mounting panel went in easily.

I had purchased a Sanus mounting bracket for this project — the same as I used in Journey when we converted her from analog to digital.  The bracket is OK — but I think that when we make this install permanent I will remove the brace and mount the TV  directly to the mounting panel;  I’m not happy with how much flex there is to the bracket.  I can imagine it wobbling a fair bit when in motion and I don’t like that idea.  So, that’s on the ‘things-to-be-fixed’ list.

2014050415485102Because this is a temporary solution I didn’t worry about top and bottom fit.  I have some ideas for what I want in the end, but this gives us TV in the evenings until we find a wood worker and figure out some of the niceties of the new TV.  It’s wireless, and Smart and it doesn’t like my DISH inputs!  Oh well.  We’ll figure it out over time.

Going from 24″ to 32″ is a nice improvement.  I can see the TV quite nicely even from the bedroom! The sound is nice, and I still need to figure out which speaker outputs will get the TV sound to the RV sound system — it’s there — I just have to find the right wires to connect.

So, we’re all digital now.  No more analog/digital converter and I’m glad.  We can make our move to Lakeside in a couple weeks and after we get settled in I’ll go looking for a carpenter.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Re Wiring

    1. Funny, but when I was young I don’t know that I thought much about getting older at all. Somehow I always thought I’d die youngish. I’m not complaining, mind you. But for whatever reason I just felt that way.

      And going digital? Ha! There are still parts of me that resist the digitalization of the world. With analog when somethings not right you have a BAD picture. With digital when something’s not right you have bupkiss!



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