That’s what I get for opening my mouth

I should have said nothing about current staffing levels!

fuel_gauge_gas_tank_full_empty_personalized_sticker-r25668c1f17e24cc38c64e5dc2512b450_v9wth_8byvr_512Our troublesome volunteer, the one who returned in January,  is leaving in three weeks.  So he told me on Sunday when I had stopped at the other work center to help out a second volunteer.

The second volunteer was standing around when he made the announcement and I thought for a moment that the second volunteer was going to do his happy dance!  The two of them have not been getting along for some time — nor have very many of the other volunteers been getting along with him.  Being unhappy in your life surely seems to rain havoc down upon anyone nearby.

I’m glad this situation is resolving itself without my having to confront it directly.  Seeing as he had gotten hired directly by my boss I really felt uncomfortable intervening.  Now I don’t have to.  But that hasn’t meant I haven’t been extremely uncomfortable about the who special treatment thing that had been going on.  I know this guy can get a lot done in a  day, and I know he pretty much works 7 days a week — because he has nothing else to do.  But, favoritism is a cancer among volunteers — and volunteers don’t have a reason NOT TO LEAVE — like a pension plan or a paycheck — if they get fed up, they just walk out the door.  And I could see that happening with at least two of our current staff if the problem had not self-resolved.  Besides — all those seasonal employees we’ve been hearing about are arriving — so we won’t be all THAT short handed after all.

With his departure Peg and I will make that move down to the other Work Center.  We’ve been toying around with this for a few months now, it wast our first choice, but I think it will be best for all concerned.  The Siltcoos Caretaker will have their site where we are,  and we’ll be where we’re supposed to be.  I might be able to get Frontier Internet there, and for sure the Verizon phone signal is more reliable.  There’s a SMALL grocery in Lakeside — so we won’t have to travel as far for groceries ALL the time; and North bend is only a couple miles further from our new location than Florence is from our current one.

Life is always in a  state of flux here, I’m concluding.  I think things have settled and they haven’t settled at all.  I think things are in flux, and they are settled — into the flux state! 🙂

A few volunteers will be happy we are moving — they expressed sadness that we didn’t make the move when this guy arrived in January.  And I wrote about the idea that we’re up where he is, he’s down where we should be, nothing made sense.  But, aside from the mechanics of being a volunteer we are definitely making adult friends who are nice to hang out with.  As the coordinator it’s right that I am careful about how much time I spend with a few volunteers; but we do have off time and it’s nice to have people to sit around and chat with about things other than the forest.

RV modifications


Another Vizio TV for us. We won’t be using the base, but we like the picture on Vizio sets.

We bought a replacement TV for the lounge.  After converting from analog to digital in Journey we are doing it again in the Ambassador.  ( I still need a nickname for this one)

We had good luck with the Vizios in the Winnebago so after looking at a variety of sets and manufacturers we settled on another Vizio.

I removed the frame from the old installation. It will be easier to disassemble the support structure than the Winnebago was.  In Journey I had a hard time even figuring out HOW to remove the old trim.  This was much easier and once off I could see more of how the tube type TV is fastened — in Journey  even after the trim had been removed it was still difficult to determine how to remove the heavy old TV.

All I have to figure out now is how to mount the new TV in the old hole.  There’s plenty of room.  So we are going from a 24″ tube type TV to a 32″ LED Smart TV.  Bigger TV;  much lighter.  I have tools available to me, and I can always pull in a friendly volunteer or two to help if necessary.  Pictures to come as the project takes shape.

Other than that it was a quiet weekend.  We made a quick trip to Eugene to make some Home Depot returns, buy some more coffee, and search for closet lighting solutions.  We succeeded on all fronts except the lighting — but I think we know what we’ll buy next time we hit a Fred Meyer store.  We left the store we visited without buying anything — and the next three stores didn’t have nearly as many options as FM, so next time we go in to Florence for groceries we’ll pick up what we hope will be a solution.

That’s enough for now,  thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with your tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “That’s what I get for opening my mouth

  1. I work with volunteers at an event called Tea and Trumpets once a month at a gorgeous heritage theater called the Orpheum. In a nutshell – tea and cookies for 2000 people (in case you’re interested it takes 634 tea bags to brew 2000 cups) Then they spend the afternoon with the VSO (Vancouver Symphony Orchestra) They mean well, their hearts are well intentioned, but if I had to do it on a regular basis I would loose my mind 🙂 Patience, tack,and when all else fails – assignments assuring they’re busily out of the way.

    I need to pick your brain. My daughter and 2 friends flew to Vegas yesterday, rented a car and plan to drive to Arches and Monument Valley, Moab, Grand Canyon and anything else they can manage with the 10 days allotted Any suggestions? They prefer secondary highways and off the beaten path routes :).


    1. I have to remember that formula — 634:2000 for the next time I need to serve tea to 2000 guests. That might be a lifesaver!

      What a fun area to visit.I”m not as informed about NV, UT, WY as some other areas but any and all of the above are wonderful. So are Canyonlands, and Natural Bridges, Zion and Bryce. I am kind of partial to Zion — but this time of year that might be getting pretty busy already and I try to avoid crowds.

      There aren”t a LOT of routes to choose from out there. East of I-15 it’s pretty much all state and federal roads and you can chug along and enjoy your life quite nicely.

      I love the idea of assigning volunteers duties so they are ‘busily out of the way.’ — my sentiments exactly. I used to disagree with other district managers who handled one of the products I repp’d for. They always though it was good that people would call for them on their days off and vacations. I always felt I wasn’t doing my job if I didn’t teach them how to handle their own emergencies and not rely on me. If I could do that with volunteers I would ….. sigh.


      1. Always remember – volunteers are there because they need to be busy. Fair enough – you can keep them busy without losing your mind or having to deal with any drama.I learned some time ago – no job is menial in the volunteer’s eyes – all they want is a cheerful greeting, acknowledgement of a job well done and something to occupy their time. If it involves cleaning toilets or power washing moss off a building – so be it 🙂


      2. “That’s the Spirit” — at least MINE isn’t in a state of flux like everything else.

        If there’s a lesson to learn here it’s that simple and too often experienced one that almost all of us choose to forget over and over again during our lives.

        We aren’t indispensible. If we leave, go away, die — nature will not suffer a vacuum and something will take our place. It may be better, it may be worse, but nature abhors a vacuum and nothing remains the same.

        I feel for this guy, but not all that much seeing as he can’t stay civil with other people who have only been kind and welcoming to him. There’s no excuse for rude behavior. And it’s not the ‘cute’ behavior of an old curmudgeon. 😦

        Cheers, Ponder. Thanks for stopping by.



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