Ambassador PLQ, Journey DL, Old Diary

Back Home, Plugged In, and Fully Functional

Our short adventure to Guaranty RV in Junction City is over, scarcely 24 hours after it began.  Route to GuarantyRVThe route isn’t long — 67 miles each way, and the roads are remarkably nice.  I am quite impressed by the condition of the back roads we’ve been traveling since arriving in the state. On the way over we stopped at The Home Depot for a few little items.  The walk-off mat we had in Journey  would not have fit in the foyer in the Ambassador so that mat went with the old coach.  We measured the floor area and settled on another 3′ x 5′ size, this time turning it lengthwise.  I altered it to fit alongside the center console and it’s now in place.


those rubber backed walk-off mats used for commercial entries are just right for our foyer! So much SAND!!!!!

I didn’t realize just how large Guaranty RV is.  While waiting for the technician to show up this morning I walked around the two buildings in the area where we were, and found a map of the entire organization.  A total of 24 separate different buildings. They even have so many locations that they have a legal sized paper map! Luther arrived at our door — polite as always — about 9 a.m.  We showed him the problems with the microwave and the rear closet slide and he did some initial tests before deciding that the best solution would be to drive the coach into one of the bays and do the repairs there instead of out in the campground where we were parked. 2014041409104402 I like the fact that the dealership has their personnel move coaches around on their property.  It makes one rest a little more easily when you see coaches tooling around the lot. After watching some RV’ers driving their coaches in campgrounds I’m not sure I trust very many coach drivers. Within two hours we were fixed up with a new turntable motor in our microwave and some adjustments to the Extend Stop for the bedroom closet slide.  2014041407310201 Two hours later and we would be home.  This time we took a little more care getting set up, knowing we weren’t going to be going anywhere for a few months at least. I’m sure you’ve all seen this state produced travel/tourism books.  I used to enjoy looking through them but after perusing the newest versions from Washington and California I think I’m swearing off of them all. I realized how much of these publications are nothing more than paid advertising. I didn’t find anything of interest to me in either of them; the hard information they contained is easily available elsewhere and I’ve already seen it, and the rest of the books are places to go that I’d never go, and things to do that don’t really interest me.  More room in the coach and now I can sort through my library and see if there are other books I can discard. Ok — that’s it for today. I’ll talk with you tomorrow