Deferred Gratification

Just a shorty today.

Kirk called yesterday to say I could pick up the re-configured computer table.  I went down and checked it out and it looked wonderful.  The channel turned out to be heavy enough to weld after all  — he did a good job with that, but when we went to collapse the table into storage position there was a collision of parts and one very embarrassed workman.

We talked over 6 different fixes and discarded them all.  Finally the 7th idea looked like it will work and so I left it with him another day or two (depending on whether he had to get more properly sized material.  In 48 hours I should be sittin’ pretty.


Like a puppy, I’ve never been great about delayed gratification!

That means this is going to be one exciting week. Tomorrow my MiFi will be down all day.  So no blog entry for the 8th.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you on the 9th!

 P.S.:  Kirk called a little while ago
— the table’s done.
I pick it up tomorrow.


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