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Some of the Best of the April Fools Jokes

I’ve never been much of a prankster, and April Fool’s day usually goes right over my head. Which doesn’t mean I don’t like a fun joke.

Our Deputy Ranger got pranked by his own kids so he and his wife got even with them:  the kids got Oreo cookies in their lunch — with toothpaste filling.  ARGH!

I hope you enjoy these other April Fools fun ideas;  I did :

You’ve eaten the snack, now wear the perfume!

I’ve seen fireplace videos… Why not a video showing a rotisserie chicken?


Have writer’s block, or discontented with your work space?  Try this service… work from someone else’s desk, anywhere in the world.

And don’t forget — free shipping.


This might be my favorite among these:  If you have a hankering’ to go back to the future,  try this plug in Flux Capacitor car charger.



For the health food nuts out there…. try a Kale  Cream Pie Milkshake!


Kids annoying you?  (Your own kids that is)

Why not Donate them to someone else….



Or how about learning Klingon — for all you nerdy SciFi fans.


And then for those times off the grid, when you need mobile power.  Forget about solar… Just buy food…


It seems everyone but me loves Oreos… well for all of you, how about an Oreo Bagel!



Ok — enough of the levity — LIFE’s too serious to have fun…. (Not!)



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