Not sure if we’re crackin’ up.

When I was young my parents kept a lot of catalogues around the house.  I liked to window shop, (for toys) and they realized that if I used up my enthusiasm for a toy on the pages of a magazine they didn’t have to buy me that same toy — I was already over the novelty of it.

I may rue the day we drove over (a couple weeks ago) to Springfield to ‘check out’ the RV show.  Which is to say, after looking at other RV’s we continued looking and I showed you the RV with the rear sitting room a while ago.  Well, we have an appointment to LOOK at that RV at the selling dealer in Junction City — about 90 minutes drive from here. 20_3_5

In the two and a half years we’ve owned our Journey what we thought we were going to do as fulltimers has morphed. We never expected to park in the same place for longer than a month or two.  We anticipated that we would travel slowly — that has held.  We expected we’d spend more time IN and AROUND wildlife refuges — we’d still like to to do that but we’ve been slow to get there.  We had not thought a lot about what our normal life at home had been like — and we have since realized that even as fulltimers we still spend a considerable number of hours a day INSIDE the RV even when given a choice about being outdoors.  We like being outside; but given my time writing and researching future moves (or details about the Forest Service) it’s all time added on up of eating and sleeping.  We were never ones for a lot of outdoor cooking — and I don’t think we’ve cooked even a single meal outside since going mobile — that’s just not who we are.  All of that has lead us to be willing to consider some other solution to our RV needs.

We don’t know what we may decide but one thing is sure.  The model we are going to see is truly unique.

Think about it, the single most popular RV ever made was the Fleetwood Bounder.  So think about it… how many Bounders do you think were made in it’s most popular year?   Im sure some folks will talk thousands, or tens of thousands, but the fact of the matter is that at all lengths, and with all the various floor plans and option configurations they made:  LESS than 900 Bounders in their best year.

That rear sitting room that intrigues me is one of fewer than a handful of coaches built with that floorplan way — there won’t come many of these along the used RV availability line — and from what we have heard, it’s a pretty clean property.

We continue being satisfied with almost everything about our Journey.  I am not immune to the way my wife’s face magically lights up every time we look at a bigger RV.  It’s not so much that she WANTS a new house, it’s just the sensation of how much roomier it is.  And goodness knows — almost any Class A RV is  bigger than ours.   So, if the old adage is correct:  that a happy wife is a happy life — it’s something to which I  should pay some attention.

Normally, I would be concerned with how bright a place seems (to her). 04_5   With 8 more feet and 2 more slides this one does seem lighter (or is it just LARGER — I don’t know!)   I wonder to myself what it would be like keeping heating this coach during the winter?  Our short Journey with only 2 slides isn’t too hard to heat and when we are sitting still a long time (like out here in OR) and we get out our little electric box heaters, two are pretty much sufficient to keep us warm without even kicking in the furnace [ or burning propane 🙂 ] I suspect that adding two more slides and 8 feet would increase our interior volume by 1/3 at least — a lot more space to heat & cool with an RV furnace!

13_3_5But, the Siren’s Song — that sitting room — is luring me closer and closer.  And you know what?  If we really got crazy and popped for that thing I can actually predict that we’d spend a lot more time in the more confined space of the bedroom/sitting room and that the lounge might go largely unused.  The easy chair and the desk appeal strongly to our style of living.

I don’t know what’s going to happen.  

We’ve been looking at online pictures (burning up my monthly broadband width!)  

We don’t NEED anything bigger.  Peg has already said that she’d feel more comfortable in transit in the smaller sized coach that we already have.  I’ve been looking at to see how much of a difference it would make to us finding accommodations in the kind of parks we like to visit — and there would be an impact — but would it be enough to make us go back into debt?  I really don’t know.  It’s nice not having monthly payments.  


 I guess all we can do is look.  We’ll make another trip to Junction City; we’ll clamber up and down, in and out, under and through.  We’ll compare what’s there with what we have and see what processes out the other side — sort of like a RV’ing meat grinder.  Maybe we’ll end up with a Holiday Rambler Bratwurst, instead of a Winnebago Hot Dog?  

And, of course, I’m still waiting on our revised ‘puter table.  I’m hoping to have it by Monday or Tuesday.  Perhaps by the time we get back from Junction City the table will be done.  I have to say that overnight — without that table in place over and around the driver’s seat — that the front of the RV looks much nicer.  It’s easy getting in and out of JourneyIt’s not easy when we have that table sticking out into the aisle.

We did a good job of anticipating almost all of our needs when we bought this coach. Could we have done better?  I don’t know but my computing need where the one glaring omission.  And it may be the one thing that either pushes us over the trade-in hump, or perhaps convinces us to settle with a revised table.

I’m beginning to think that we should have named this blog: The Days of Our Lives — it’s starting to sound more like a soap opera than a travelogue or a diary.

Well, here’s to living an Unscripted Life!

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Not sure if we’re crackin’ up.

  1. Ha! She sure does look pretty!

    I personally love the debt free lifestyle. Sure…people will always dream, that’s natural.

    Seeing her again my sway you one way or another…but then again, your table fix might solve the problem completely.

    Happy hunting…I know you’ll figure it out.


    1. We’ll see what happens. 😉

      I’m pretty careful about what we take on in the way of debt but I have to say that this coach comes the closest of anything we’ve seen anywhere to suiting our lifestyle.

      We’ll see.

      I drove to Reedsport this morning to pickup the remodeled table. Except the mechanic didn’t bother checking his work and he re-assembled the legs so that they would not collapse. He was ever so embarrassed by his mistake.

      We talked a few minutes, figured out a way for him to re-tool his alterations — maybe Monday or Wednesday we’ll have it back. He did a wonderful job on the remodel aside from that and I’m very happy he took the job on. The fix should be perfectly acceptable but he needs some more channel to finish the project.

      OH well… that’s what you get in an Unscripted Life. 🙂

      I’m not looking to be swayed, and this will be the first time we’ve actually seen her — up till now it’s been online viewing only. When we went to Spgfld we did go to a dealer but this coach was at a show in Roseburg and not on their lot in Junction City.

      But this is how we do things. Lots of research, evaluate the situation in person and then decide. I sometimes scare people because they think that I’ve acted too quickly — but in fact I may have been thinking about things for weeks or months. And this coach has been on sale for several months, and the listing online. They recently dropped the price by another 10% — so we’ll see if they can come up with a deal that we like for whatever the product looks like when we actually see and drive it.

      Fingers crossed.



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