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Sunday was a good day to hit the stores and get our groceries (boring) and pickup some additional soil for our planter.  Fred Meyer has 2 cu ft bags on sale for 1/2 the price of Walmart’s so they won the contract. 🙂  8 cu ft later our planter was full (after Peggy pulled all the weeds) and Peg had all the plants planted — including some bulbs we got from a local resident.

We weren’t as warm on Sunday as we had been on Saturday. In Eugene it had been 70° with college students sunning themselves at cafe tables wearing shorts.  But it was a nice enough day anyway.


Living at the Boneyard means you sometimes find interesting throwaways that might make have useful second lives!

I’m not sure whether we’ll get any of the cabbage or lettuce we planted — and we’re looking for more plants for the remaining 1/3 of our garden.  But the season is early and Peg is wanting TOMATOES! I suspect it’s a bit early for tomato plants — even in this mild climate!

There is room for more plants and planters.  We want to be a bit careful about putting things in place that the F.S. may not want, or that a future volunteer might have to remove.   I found this concrete water valve box on the boneyard pile.  I’ll see about putting that to use as a planter.   Not sure if it will live at the end of our little fence… I would be nice if I had two of them — one for either side of the opening — one alone looks odd — no balance.  And I don’t want water draining on the wood decking.  So, we’ll see how we end up using it.

Peg was looking at rosebushes at the nursery!  Oh ohhhhhh.  She’s always been more about flowers than veggies.


6 thoughts on “Peg’s Green Thumb

  1. Mrs. P says:

    There is something really cool about gardening…I have always loved it, and it’s always been a part of my life.


    • I love the act / process. But I”m not a very GOOD gardener. For me it’s not about whether it’s a perfect garden — just about the tension release of the moment. And then I go to a REAL garden to appreciate. 🙂 🙂


      • Mrs. P says:

        My favorite thing is to rescue abandoned gardens…goes back to when I read A Secret garden and fell in love with it. A post i wrote early on was all about rescuing Rick’s neglected yard when I first moved to Florida.

        His son was not much of a gardener and was left with the job of mowing the lawn while Rick spent a year with me in California. Mowing the lawn turned into running over the sprinkler heads and breaking them. The automated system couldn’t do it’s job and everything died.

        For less than fifty bucks and a lot of labor, we got his garden in real nice shape in no time.


  2. I’m going to try my hand at gardening this year. Your wife’s spot looks promising. We have deer that feast on the fruit trees and any attempts at a garden. My husband has a food plot for them, but they’ll still come up to the house for more.


    • I’m being told that we have lots of critters who are just eager to eat up all our veggies. We should, perhaps, put up chicken wire. But the idea of a chicken wire garden just puts me off something terrible. I’m not sure if I wouldn’t rather feed the critters.

      That said, I have noticed that something is coming to the RV at night and taking off with our 2 oz. pieces of rat bait. I mean — they pick it up and take it 30′ to 40′ away and drop it. It has to be a bigger critter — perhaps raccoon size???? It’s happened quite a few times now an I’m surprised it hasn’t either killed the critter or something…. Curiouser, and curiouser. I’m sure it’s not deer (the bait is way under the RV where they could hardly get at it) and it’s too big for a bird to carry. Hmmmm….


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