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The Springfield RV Show

It’s OK to dream.  Right?

Of course it is and that’s what we did on Saturday.  The Oregon Springfield RV show is running this weekend and it was a miserable day (meaning it was raining too much to do anything outdoors unless you wanted to get wet) on the coast so we printed off free admission coupons for the RV show and headed over for the day.

It’s about 60 miles from home at Siltcoos to Springfield — just long enough to nosh a couple donuts on the way.

The show is primarily new and used RV’s — not components or component vendors.  I was hoping there might be more info about RV’s and less emphasis on selling — but hey, this is America and selling is what it’s all about.

Our objective?

We really only had one thing in mind.  So many of the volunteers here have 5th wheel trailers and when we bought Journey we didn’t look at 5th wheels at all — so we wanted to get an idea what was available in the trailer market — and we did.

Most of what we have in Journey fits us just fine.  There are a couple exceptions and in pursuit of the ‘perfect’ home you can’t blame a couple for looking.  We’d like a better place for my ‘puter setup.  We’d like a coach with a hold-open for the front door — the Winnebago doesn’t have any way of bracing the door open.  We’d like a 4 house battery setup — the Winnebago has 3, so we can’t use 6 volt deep draw batteries hooked up in parallel. You have to have an even number of batteries.  And of course there’s the issue of photo equipment — we need comparable space for that to what we have in Journey.  The only improvements we really are looking for are the ‘puter space and the hold-open.  Everything else we can live with.

Some of our volunteers have ‘toy haulers.’Fuzion_260_2011_4  I’ve been pondering whether  one of these — with a big door on the back end and a ‘garage’ designed to provide room for hauling OHV’s might serve as a good ‘office’ and the only way to figure that out would be do shop the models to see what was available.  We looked at what was displayed by about 7 different RV dealers and nothing really tripped our trigger.  If we could find enough regular living space in a 5th  wheel and then add the garage space for an ‘office’ it might be worth thinking about a change.  I think we’re done looking at them for now. Nothing fit our check list.


This is the one that caught our eye.

Then we looked at some class “A” coaches — like we have.  Lots of gas powered fuel hogs.  Units larger than we wanted. Units with too many gee gaws.  Units with too few gee gaws.  A lot of units that were built with an inferior interior finish — just sloppy workmanship.  We did look at one Monaco Knight — a 2005, 34 footer — semi-seriously.  But when we returned to Siltcoos and looked up the spec sheet from Monaco and compared it to our Winnebago there was too little improvement in a few specs and a worsening in others that we decided that it wouldn’t be worth going back into debt for so few changes.  Following are some shots from the show.  Some photos of the unit we liked, other images of other non-contenders.  The interWebs are wonderful to sort out the wheat from the chaff!

Then it was time to return home — to our corned beef that had been cooking away in our slow-cooker since this morning.   I love corned beef.  I could eat it every day I think — but we haven’t been having any since we got out here and I don’t really know why.  We also have not found restaurants that serve Corned Beef Hash of a morning and I really MISS that!

Tomorrow we’ll head to Lakeside for lunch with Al and Sherry.  There’s a little resto there that serves pizza.  The sign on the window just says pizza but Al says they have a special on Sundays – I’m not sure if that means it’s not available other days, or just that the price is not as spendy.  We’ll find out.

Polly called from Horsfall campground to fill me on on the stray dog that had been abandoned in the campground.  Coos county Animal Control came out with a live trap and trapped the dog overnight.  She settled down once in the cage and we won’t have to worry about  dog fights in the campground now.  Sweet Polly has such a soft heart about animals.  Once I found the phone number for animal control she ran with the ball.

Well, that’s it for today.  Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “The Springfield RV Show

  1. Mrs. P says:

    RVs have sure changed a lot in the past fifteen years. These look more like single wide mobile homes.

    Ah…corned beef…mmmm. I have been thinking about it a lot this week. Though we often eat corned beef just as it is,Ruebens are my all time favorite. I was browsing through a cookbook last week and found a recipe for Reuben casserole, All the ingredients in a casserole…sounded interesting so I think I might try it…if we have any scraps left over. With St. Patty’s just around the corner, I’m sure well be having some soon.


    • “Changed a lot” — is such an understatement! We have toyed around with trading into something slightly larger — of course in the RV world anything is only slightly larger! We love our Journey — but you know how it goes — we just need 2 or 3 more feet. But at what time does 2 or 3 feet become worth going BACK into debt and costing $20-$100,000 or more of new expense/price tag — not even counting interest if we would take out an RV mortgage. We’ll have to see what happens.

      Yeah — corned beef — tis the beef of the gods, methinks!

      I’m not sure I have an all-time favorite sammie. I’m not much on sammies to begin with. But it probably is my fav… if you don’t count burgers!

      I’ve tried baking them dry, simmering them; cooking them quick, cooking them slow — no matter how I make ’em they are always good. I never met a corned beef I didn’t like!

      However — having said that… Pastrami is really my fav. Not all that much difference but hot pastrami on rye… that is the godfather of all great sammies.

      There’s lots of great Jewish Deli’s — I love Mannies in Chicago (near South Side); we used to have a good one in MKE, but that closed recently. It is one thing I look for when I travel ( the other two foods being barbecue, and excellent Thai ) But alas, I haven’t seen a deli out here, and even though I have had what restos called a ‘pastrami’ sammich what I was served was a poor substitute — almost inedible.

      St. Patty’s — forgot all about it. I wonder if there are any places that do a good St. Patty’s plate. Hmmmm…. I might have to go on a campaign.


  2. We also went to a local RV “show” this past Saturday, although it was really more of an open house by a big RV dealer here than a show. We have three big dealers here, so we can tour their RVs just about anytime we would like to do so, but it is always fun to go to the big open house each year, too. We first looked at the fifth wheel toy haulers last year, and we know that we would enjoy one because we take our motorcycle with us. But, part of the reason we take the motorcycle is to have a way to ride around once the motor home is parked. So, if we bought the toy hauler, we probably wouldn’t even need the motorcycle. For us, though, we really don’t want to drive a big gas, guzzling pickup, and that is what we would need to haul a big fifth wheel. For that reason, the motor home really works great for our needs right now. I’m sure in ten years, we will reconsider all of this if/when we decide to hit the road after retirement. I think we might just go with a slightly larger motor home and just follow in our car at that time. That sure solves a lot of other issues for us, but we do like that toy hauler in several ways, too. That transition space would be very nice for us with two big dogs along for the ride. It’s fun to dream!

    Some good friends actually just purchased a brand new Class C Winnebago Access over the weekend, and we got to see it on Sunday when they got back home with it. It is not one that I would want to live in, for sure, but they are like us and just use it for trips right now. We were pretty impressed by it. Winnebago seems to make good coaches as compared to some others we have seen lately. We have an older Tiffin Allegro, and it is built rock-solid. We love it and feel that in some ways, a newer model will not be built as well as ours.


    • I so agree with you on most of your points.

      For us, we’re still getting to know this area and the show was a way of seeing what the local dealerships had to offer without making a day long trip, or a two day long trip to multiple dealers. So, it was instructive to see different dealerships’ sales people in action all at the same time. We already learned we would never deal with one or two of them.

      We too had to look at the toy haulers. For us it was a question of whether reconfiguring for toys would give us an office. But in the end — for US — we realized that it is not the solution we want. Good for some, just not for us.

      The thing about 5th wheels that is my personal sticking point is that:
      1.) They are all single wheels — so if you have a blowout you have to stop immediately — wherever you are. At least with a Class A coach your rear axle is a tandem and you have a little cushion to find a safer place to stop.
      2.) by comparison the 4th wheels seem to be less solidly built. For a full timer, living in something that cheap and tinny just isn’t appealing. And just putting fancy finished cabinets and lots of glitz doesn’t make up for real comfort and quality. I’d rather spend the same amount on an older (already broken in) Class A than a new 5th wheel.

      This whole thing about is really troubling — in the sense of duality — We bought short because we wanted to be able to do State Parks — many of which Eastern States have short sites (in WI at 32′ we are too long for several of the parks). That said, there are times when just a couple feet extra would be strongly desirable. But at what point does having those couple extra feet become ‘affordable.’ Are you going to go out and buy another RV — and go back into debt for a 10’s of thousands of $$$$ just for 2 or 3 feet more space?

      I don’t know.

      What I do know is that finding a new/different RV that has a layout that would provide some sort of ‘unused’ space suitable for what I’m looking for is not easy.

      We looked at over 100 coaches before we settled on Journey. She was a compromise for sure, but we realized after looking at all those coaches that there were three we liked — 1 Winnebago, 1 Itasca (made by winnebago) and one HR — all three happened to have identical floor plans – so at that point the decision was easy — pick the best of the three — which we did.

      Now — to find something marginally longer — with a different layout that has some sort of place that would accommodate my unique kind of computer demand — that’s not going to be easy. And now… here on the Coast for maybe another 14 months — or more — it is a good time to make the change. I dunno…….

      For sure — new will not be as well built. But it will be more $$$$ and more gadgets to break down. ARGH!!!!


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