The Complexity Fairie

And I was so foolish to think that just cuz I got my profile that maybe my dance with the bureaucracy might be over.  Oh, foolish boy!

Meet the Complexity Fairie!

Meet the Complexity Fairie!

I have discovered a new, never before described, form of life.  I call it: The Complexity Fairie — and he/she appears every time I think I have this volunteer gig figured out.   And he/she sprinkles me with fairie dust until… I’m complexified!

I got home on Tuesday to find an email in my personal mailbox telling me I needed to make an appointment to get my LincPass credentials started.   It seems I have to make several trips to Springfield (OR) to get credentialed.  Fortunately I can drive my Uncle’s vehicle to do so — 90 miles each way is a bunch of driving if I’m going to have to make the trip two or possibly three times before we are done with yet another hurdle.

What the heck is LincPass?  Its a smart card designed to replace user names and passwords.  I’m told it was supposed to have been implemented over a year ago;  but word here is that it may be another 5 years before this Forest sees full implementation.  So, I’m jumping through hoops that probably won’t ever do me any good.  At least it’s a pleasant drive over to Springfield (likely in the rain) and maybe while we’re over there we’ll grab a nice meal.  Of course we can’t park in a resto parking lot — because civilians like to report Forest Service vehicles parked in what they think to be non-work related locations.  Ya can’t win for losing.  (Some day I’ll tell some stories about volunteers and federal vehicles.)

Still more hoops to jump through

Still more hoops to jump through

I’m a simple guy and I supposed that all of this fuss and bother is jolly well worth it — all I know is that I’m a lot more familiar with a much simpler way of life.

On the other side of the coin I got an email early this morning from a nice woman in Colorado who has been off on sick-time for the past 9 days — and she saw my inquiry from a couple days ago about what to do about  Not only did she answer my inquiry, she changed the user account I had been borrowing into my own account, transferred some data that I expected to have to transfer myself, and while she was getting me all sorted she also sent me a copy of the user guide for the backend of  How nice was that!  It is so much nicer to have an identity.

Do you think I could dust my BOSS with Fairie dust?

Do you think I could dust my BOSS with Fairie dust?

As for identities…  my boss told me now that I have a profile I have to take a course on internet security.  Ok — I thought.  I like classes. I like learning.  So I went to the website to find out what I had to learn.  And once again the “Complexity Fairy”  sprinkled me with Fairie dust.   The website says they have recently gone through a major revision and if you are credentialed as a non-employee you have to have a Sponsor register you for the classes you need.    I could see the disappointment in Boss’ eyes.  She really didn’t want to hear that.

I think I have enough Law Enforcement approved applicants now to fill my openings for the season — I have a few calls to make to see whether I can match up the names with our opportunities.  Wish me luck.

Thanks for stopping by; I’ll talk with you tomorrow.



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