I guess I’m official now


It’s all over!

Too much time spent waiting for not much fuss.  Now the work begins.

I have to give kudos to the Forest Service Helpdesk;  one phone call and a very nice lady took control of my machine and did almost the entire setup for me.  My self-backups made it easy to bring my files across to the new user.  And I appear not to have lost anything.

I can see one to two days of final organization — which really means only 3 or 4 hours of actually doing file organization — but being interrupted by everyone walking in the door.  It’s tempting to take part of my long weekend and spend it in the office just so I can put that all behind me, and get on to newer and better things.


I’ve got my xxxx@fs.fed.us address and I’ve been using it like crazy.  All sorts of email inquiries I’ve been waiting to initiate are already in the ether and I hope I get some answers — but now I can arrange my own squeaking wheel campaign. 🙂 

I also have to go back to 2 months worth of volunteer applications and let them all know to change their email records.  I have a few new ones from this week that I need to make initial contact with, and now I can do it under my own name.  I know that has been confusing to get an email from one name and find yourself talking to someone else.  But that’s done now!


With the mild weather there’s more forward-looking work being done than catching-up on repairs.  Without freezing temps nothing’s breaking!  The rovers are out mowing and blowing,  the campground caretakers are getting their areas cleaned up too.  Hosts don’t have much to do yet — the campgrounds are virtually empty — to be expected at this time of year.

Well, not that all that ‘puter stuff is over let’s get on with volunteers and RV’ing and other fun stuff. I’m all wore out and I’m sure you are too.  Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “I guess I’m official now

    1. Mrs P. LOL!

      At least we’re having fun with it… aina’ hey? (ya hear that little bit of U.P.-per coming at you?)

      Much of this would not have happened in another forest. This is a smallish one and my boss is the first to admit that she is not very computer savvy and that she’s a high performing ADHD. I’m sure other bosses know the management side of their job better and the maintenance side of their job less. Here we need people who know the nitty gritty and who aren’t hung up on levels of management.

      When the Supervisor of the Forest came over for that meeting I found it fascinating that HE was the one singing that tune. Flat management style. So, she is actually encouraged NOT to dig into the things I need to do my job.

      And I have always loved a challenge. I could never have dreamt that I could luck into something this much fun! I mean for ME this IS fun! I love puzzles that aren’t games. Give me a book full of puzzles and I cringe — but give me something to figure out how to change for the better — and I’m in seventh heaven!

      Cheers. It’s raining again.



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