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Time for a few updates

Well, one nice thing about being here on the Forest is that with fewer tethering expenses I saved up enough money to tackle pay for a few repairs that I don’t want to do myself.  I know I could probably do them given long enough, but there are some repairs I’m more comfortable paying for.  (Mostly ones involving electricity!)

  • 201201101229JOUR2751When we had the flooring replaced we never thought to check our entry point light switches and it appears that somehow when Bradd & Hall put things back together our exterior patio light no longer works.
  • I had our dealer (Lichtsinn Motors) send us the sensors and circuit board from Winnebago to replace our old-style in-the-tank black/gray/fresh water level sensors.


    The sensor and circuit board update will make this old style levels gage just like new.

  • Some place along the line we popped a marker light off. (Way back at the tail end of Journey on the passengers’ side 5 feet off the grounds — still haven’t figured out how we DID that.
  • And we have a wonky dresser drawer made worse by retracting the bedroom slide while the door was slightly ajar — bending the nightstand drawer mechanism
  • And I have to decide whether now is the time I want to replace our old Winegard crackup antenna with a newer King Controls Jack antenna.  (We are hooked up to DISH right now, and as long as we stay here we won’t be using it,  But why not have it all done at one time?  and pay ONE service call?) I have no doubt I’m going to make the change — just when to do it.  For those of you who may not have noticed, Winnebago has switched to the King Controls antenna on their new models.  Our crank-up Winegard has just about exhausted it’s natural life and by the time we paid to replace the internal gears we’d just have an outdated antenna with new innards — so we might as well do the whole job and do it right.

mop boards make the finished project finished… but it took me 5 years to put mine down. go figure.

I’ll give the local RV service guy a call.  The question is when.  It’s easy to have Peg take a day off to stay home while he’s working on Journey.  Or I might take a day off and send HER into work.  But this is a test.  I’ve been known to get this far on a project and just put completion off for … well… who knows how long?  I’m not really a procrastinator; not about most things.  And yet there are areas of life that I am very Un-Peter.  When we were living in a place three houses ago I remodeled the bathroom.  Replacing everything except for the bathtub and making our own custom full wall lighting system I completed the entire bathroom in about a month.  And then it took me 5 years to put down the splash tiles/mob boards, whatever you want to call them.

wall-anchors-4 wall-anchors-2We reached a decision about those forms deliveries I mentioned the other day.  Clipboards won out by a landslide.  But given that attaching them to the inside of the door wasn’t working out well, the roving caretakers will moly bolt them to  the wall and forms will always be available for the volunteers when they need them.  Hoo Rah!

We’re still having a lot of drama on the forest.  The boss ended up with their ear ringing after an early morning phone call about that washer and dryer I talked about a week ago.  Making exceptions to general rules for individuals  often comes back to haunt a person.  The boss is getting a reminder of that reality.   But as long as it’s not MY phone ringing, and as long as I’m not the one at fault —  I’m going to stay out of that battle!  They don’t pay me enough < chuckle, chuckle >

I’ve got arrival dates for two sets of new volunteers.  One of them called me late last night (a Volunteer Coordinator’s phone is never turned off).  I was actually glad for the call.  I expected the call three days before but I guess they wanted to make sure the date they gave me was doable.  So, they called when they had a real answer; a courtesy I actually appreciated!

The Forest is starting to look pretty well ‘manned’ right now.  Still a couple positions to fill, and there’s always the risk that someone who SAYS they are coming will back out and leave us in the lurch.  But we’re getting to the point that I’ll start taking some of our Volunteer.gov adverts down.

And making exceptions may once again become an issue.  We had a long time volunteer check out today.  We knew they were leaving — they gave us a reasonable notice and we are sad to see them leave in some ways.  But for some reason the staff here, who knew that the volunteer’s trailer was in pretty rough shape, agreed that they could leave the trailer on Federal property and that the staff would move it, or get rid of it, or … well… I don’t know what else…  And I have a new host coming into that spot in 7 more days.  Hopefully some staffer will get it moved before new hosts arrive.  It bothers me because that’s really the volunteers responsibility;  no matter how much damage or value there might be to that old trailer it’s really an expense to the forest to get it disposed of no matter how they do it: sell it, give it away, haul it away.

The boss is out of the office tomorrow; off to the Forest offices in Corvallis.  It’s credentials time; even staffers have to renew their credentials periodically.  I wish they could stop off at the help desk and nudge my computer profile forward.  I’m really getting tired of logging into someone else’s account and using their email.

There are days I feel like this…

“Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen.”
– Benjamin Disraeli

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow!