Old Diary

Four on the coast

Well, it’s been couple days since I posted and the whirlwind has left town.  (Much to our sorrow)  We enjoyed 4 days with the girls and four days aren’t enough — they are what we had and we’re thankful — but they aren’t enough.  With Melanie in her final semester at University of Wisconsin we know she’ll be leaving the family nest after graduation and life will never be the same again.  But… life is sweet.  And we’re thankful for what what we get. (a couple of these pics I just shared but I wanted them all here together)

We picked the girls up in Portland, spend the afternoon snooping around Portland — which is family-speak for showing Melanie around (specially the things she had on HER list)  We did a few food carts for lunch, hit Powell’s City of Books, Buffalo Exchange for some shopping and a stop at Hair of the Dog brewery for a little sampling and some terrific braised spicy duck wings (simmered in beer and habanero).  After a break at the hotel (Springhill Suites near the airport)  we stopped for dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory.  [We have been visiting OSF locations for about as long as they have existed — so there’s some family history here, and a lot of memories too]

Friday we headed back to Florence and we spent Friday evening at the Waterfront Depot (the same place Peg and I had our 45th Anniversary dinner) and ate up a storm.  It’s fun exposing the Grand Kid to different dining experiences and she’s turning into her own foodie — though she has yet to learn to actually READ a menu.  Little things like skipping over the $4.00 price for artisanal focaccia and seeing only the $1.00 price tag for the parmesan sprinkling or pesto to enjoy with the bread and then telling her mom that mom hadn’t read the menu carefully.  But — hey — when I was 21 I was probably worse!!! and she’s so much fun to be with I wouldn’t dream of mentioning it at the time.  I love seeing which traits she has gained from her parents, which have skipped a generation from both sets of grand parents.  It’s kind of like observing ‘wildlife’ — observing but not wanting to alter the behavior of the one being observed. 🙂  And, she’ll learn as she gets old.  And there’s no better way of learning than having someone call you on your little character idiosyncrasies — specially someone OUTSIDE your family.  Like any 21 year old she has lessons to learn — we all did, and we all still do.

Saturday we had Forest and Dunes to show the girls and we did.

And when we returned to Portland on Sunday we didn’t have a lot on our agenda — make a safe trip up through the I-5 valley, try to get some nice pics for Katy and  Mel of Mt Hood and get a little swimming in at the really nice pool in that Springhill Suites where we stayed Thursday night and returned to on Sunday.

This morning we had plenty of time to get them to the airport by 11:00, so it was quiet conversation and departure anticipation.

A good trip all in all.

Peg and I stopped at Camping World on the way home; nothing wrong just checking out the store.  We also noticed that there is a NEW camping world under construction in Eugene.  We’ll have to stop by after it opens this spring.

Tomorrow it’s back to the grindstone.  Peg’s gonna take a day off, I have a big meeting at the office with the Regional Forest Supervisor. I’m kind of surprised that I was invited — as a volunteer — but I was so what the heck — I’ll see what goes on at a management meeting and learn a little more about the Forest Service.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see if I can find something to talk with you about tomorrow.