COVERING little annoyances

our new sink cover

our new sink cover

Well, there you have it.  Our new Sink Cover!

Winnebago does such a great job designing their coaches but the one not so little annoyance is the two covers that go over the two bowls of our sink.  It sounds like a great idea — with limited counter space, why not devise a cover to let you use the space occupied by the sink as counter space.  But if you need to drain something, maybe that cover should be in two pieces?

That sounds like a really great idea, but in practice, if you place any pressure on the two piece covers — near the division between bowls — then the cover tends to slide up on the countertop.  With knife in had a moving countertop isn’t such a great idea.

I bought a piece of suitable plastic — one that would resist knife cuts and also not chip off into our food.  Out came the magic marker to mark the surface to be cut into the same shape as the sink opening, and voila!  New Counter Surface that doesn’t slide out of the way!

I am keeping the old covers — sometimes you want to be able to drain water or pour water.  But now I can choose whether I want convenience or maximum counter!

We used part of our day off to visit with Al and Sherry Hancock.  They are volunteers too, but they own property nearby at a RV resort.   There’s a lot next to theirs available at a good price and the suggested we come ’round to check it out.  And we did.

It’s always fun spending time with people you have something in common with.  While their lives and ours have been extremely different that doesn’t mean that a few old codgers still have not shared a lot of life experience and we did just that.  We managed to slip in a pleasant lunch at the All American Diner in Lakeside — about 1 mile from where we expect to be relocating.  And we looked at that property next door — not that we are in any big hurry to return to sticks and bricks.

We heard from the former volunteer coordinator.  He’s on the way back to Oregon.  I expect he’ll show up some time this coming week.  It took only 5 days for him to drive from here to Florida when he left.  I expect a similar time lapse returning westbound — except now he has snow to contend with.   There’s no clarity about what he’ll do when he gets here; he loved cutting grass, so the boss expects to put him into our job — as it’s not yet been filled.  And of course his return means our site will revert to him, we’ll have to move to the Eel Creek location where the F.S. wants us, and the seasonal employee who’s living there now (temporarily) will have to move to other digs.  Talk about toppling dominoes!

It’s too bad they can’t let him pull back into the same Eel Creek site and take advantage of the deck he built to fit HIS RV’s dimensions.  If we move there it won’t be the right size for us and either we’ll have to modify where we part so as to not block off our entry door, or pull the deck from the ground as we did here.  Seems a waste of lumber.  Besides he donated a washer and dryer to the F.S. and he wouldn’t have to move it.  The only problem being the duties are here — 25 miles away.  We’ll see how it all sorts itself out.

forecastIn the meantime we have to get laundry done and get ready for the arrival of our daughter and grandone.  Thursday can’t come soon enough for Peg.  (or me)

We’re hoping for decent weather during their stay.  The forecast has changed a couple times in the last week, but at the moment it’s looking pretty good for the duration.

Coordinating volunteers doesn’t come without a few bumps.  Efforts to move forward, to change are never popular, and I had some ruffled feathers to smooth.  The thing that is interesting is to hear how the tone of a complaint changes when the complainer realizes that just because information come from my desk it doesn’t mean that higher authority hasn’t pre-cleared the change.  Before they know the origin I’m the bad guy micromanaging them, after finding out where the change originated suddenly the world looks very different.  People are funny.  And I don’t have thin skin.  I don’t mind a few bumps and bruises.

Monday being a Federal holiday it’s also a free day at the day use areas here.  That’s nice.

And, with nicer, warmer weather the L.E.O.’s are back on dune patrol.  The putter, putter of their quads punctuates the evening still  at the end of their shift.    But most of the time I’m asleep by the time they come off duty.   It’s good to see them around but with limited personnel I know that most of the volunteers wish there were more of them.  There is a level on which volunteers do feel themselves ‘out there’ without adequate backup.  I wish there was a way to change that but it’s not my organization,  or my budget — all I can do is run the complaint up the flag pole and see what falls out.  We’re having a volunteer meeting on Feb. 19th and the boss is having F.S. department heads address some training issues — and I’ve made enough noise about volunteer safety that we’re hoping to get the chief law enforcement officer for the FOREST, not just the Dunes Area to address the group.  I’ll be interested to hear what he has to say.  Peg and I are sort of out of the way in our little compound and there isn’t much foot traffic in and out of our dead end road.  But hosts in large campgrounds get a lot more variety of strange behavior.

That’s it for me for now,  I’ll talk with you tomorrow and thanks for stopping by.



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