New Uses for Personal Fans

A new chapter in humidity control

I’m trying an experiment.  I wonder if one of these personal fans could be a solution for damp RV window tracks — and perhaps prevent the development of mildew / mold in the bottom of the tracks?It’s worth the investment of a few bucks to find out.  And so we are trying it.

Journey has these padded valances that are about the right size for the clip-on base of the fan.  I can point the fan in the direction of the window channel, and hopefully we’ll dry up those channels tout suit!
I thought we might let the fan run over night but the blinds interfere with the air flow so we may just run it during the day. 201303291756932R

Before we came home with the first one (meaning we might possibly buy a second for the opposite side of Journey — in front of the dinette)  I was thinking we could run the fan overnight while we were sleeping.  The other problem I discovered is that while the fan doesn’t make much noise, in the confined space of an RV that little breeze right across the window pane also means that sitting on the sofa is a cooler than it was without the fan blowing.  But… I don’t like mold and mildew and I’m still looking for ways to keep different things dry.

I don’t know that there will ever be a way to prevent condensation from forming along the window troughs.  Cold air on the outside of the aluminum window frame and warm air inside means there will always be some condensation.  The windows themselves might be Thermopane, and pretty much condensation free during normal conditions, but there’s no such thing as Thermopane aluminum!

Comparison1The problem we had been having with condensation under the mattress seems completely resolved as of this writing.  The product we put under the mattress has solved that.

And we  turn on the ceiling vent every morning when we get out of bed and it stays on until we go to bed again — so we keep a constant stream of air flowing through Journey. That has reduced to a minimum any build-up of humidity from exhalation, cooking, etc.

Fan-Tastic Fan

Fan-Tastic Fan

I think that at some point I’m going to update the Fan-Tastic fans we have in the ceiling.  There are newer versions of the units we already have that more more air and are reversible so that we could bring air IN as well as exhaust it.  Some day when we either burn out the one we have, or have a little extra cash we’ll try one out.  There’s no huge hurry — what we have now seems to be doing a decent job and unless the Oregon Winters make us too crazy there’s no need to change right now.


7 thoughts on “New Uses for Personal Fans

  1. Some of my clients live seaside which means they have a seasonal 2-3 month period of daily condensation on their windows which produces a lot of excess waster. Those that had dehumidifyers, had no problems with water build up, mold etc.

    Those that did not have dehumidifiers had water build up, mold, sill damage (even though we have marble sills) and the sheet rock near the sill and all the way to the floor effervesced.

    I know space is a premium, but my suggestion is to find a way to dehumidify the air…fans did not keep up with the task.


    1. To respond with a little more (first one made from my phone)…

      I have been looking into that idea. I would buy a dehumidifier in an instant if I could figure a way to handle the drainage easily. I don’t like the idea of keeping the machine in the shower — although there is a drain there. I could put it someplace up by the driver’s cockpit — and run the drain out the side window — I already have wires and phone lines running out that window with an insulation strip running vertically to prevent air transfer — the problem is figuring out the mechanics of a dehumidifier.


      1. All the ones I have seen have enclosed buckets that have to be emptied. I do know of one that has a drain tube but it is sitting on a shelf and drains into the tub…gravity.


      2. yeah — my point exactly. I would not want one that drains into a container. From the reviews I”ve read in order to do any good even in a confined space I think we need more dehumidifying capacity than one of those containers — and to get one with a big enough container the machine has to be even bigger — not RV friendly.
        Which is why I said– I’m investigating. Amazon has some options but not sure … and some things like this I ponder on a while before deciding.


    1. You are so right about practicality being a learning experience. And sometimes learning to think new thoughts is not an easy thing to do. Actually, learning to think new thoughts is Always a difficult thing to do. You might be interested in this poem. HEROISM It’s something I got from a mentor of mine and it has served me well in setting myself against other opinions for most of my life.



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