Depoe Bay Redux

20131123104900042013112312103403Well, it was a beautiful day off and who could resist the attraction of the coastline in the sun? We hopped into the CR-V and headed North.  We stopped at Sutton Recreation area along the way and I can see why a lot of folks really like it.   But for us, we were headed further North.

The winter whale migration is supposed to begin in December and not knowing what our next few weeks might be like we decided to give it a try.  We stopped at Cape Perpetua, which must be one of THE most beautiful spots in all of Oregon, and on the Coast.  Another couple offered to take a shot of the two of us.  Apologies for the shadow right across my nose.


There were having a talk about mushrooms and the coordinator for that area was arranging the presentation. That coordinator, Lori Robertson, is someone I’d exchanged emails with before we agreed to come here, and I thought if she had a minute or two we might just pop in and make a face-to-face introduction.  We had an interesting discussion about volunteers and about the time her presenter was arriving we rounded up our conversation and headed on North.  We grabbed a quick lunch at the South Beach Seafood Market. It’s just a little place along Highway 101 just South of Newport.  The fish were very nice, the fries were routine frozen fries prepared just so-so, but the tartar sauce had just a pot full of garlic in it and both of us had upset stomachs for the rest of the afternoon.  I don’t think we’ll go back.  This is one of the few negative eating experiences we have had out here.  I hate not to be able to recommend a place but this is one I won’t.

2013112313030104 2013112313225105

From there we headed up to Depoe Bay.  This is the home of the Oregon Whale Watching Center and we hoped there might be some activity on the Cetation front but alas not much yet.  They saw three whales this week.  The migration really isn’t no yet.  We’ll be back in December.


It was such a pleasant afternoon.  Temps in the 60’s nearing the end of November — not bad!  We sat on a bench outside the Whale Watch Center and just vegged out for a while — staring out into the afternoon sea and enjoying the sound of the ocean.


The harbor here at Depoe Bay is the smallest on the Oregon Coast. Seen from the hill just North of the Harbor you can see there’s not a lot of room here.  It’s primarily for charter fishing boats and whale watching excursion boats.  Not much of a commercial fleet here at all.  But it is quaint.  There’s a lot of history to be found here.  It’s worth a day or two stay.  Over time I’m sure we’ll spend more time here.


Heading back towards Florence I had to stop and snap this informal portrait of the beaches just North of Florence. It’s amazing to see mile after mile of open beach.  Even more amazing to realize that the State has made the beach open to all citizens. I’m getting to like Oregon more and more the longer we spend here.

Days off don’t last forever and ours came to an end too.  Our first day back on the job was reasonably light.  I took time at the beginning of the day to fashion the parts I needed for the bench at the Overlook.  On such a nice day it was the perfect time to install them, and so we did.  I did discover that I was short a couple fasteners, tomorrow I’ll stop by the center in Reedsport and see if I can find the few remaining fasteners.  I had hoped to avoid the trip into Reedsport until Tuesday when we have to be there, but I want the bench to be finished — it’s already taken a week or two from start to finish — with parts sitting in the back of the truck for most of that time.


But then there are always those little snags to life, aren’t there?

A couple days ago Bob, the boss’s assistant, asked me to replace a florescent tube in one of the campgrounds.  I went, with tubes in hand, only to discover the first fixture in the Rec. Area that uses tamperproof fasteners on the FIXTURE.   I told Bob I didn’t have the tool, and a couple days later he had me go out to buy the tools.

Today I took my new tools to the restroom to do the replacement.  After getting out a long ladder, those replacement tubes, and disassembling the fixture I found out that the fixture wants 32W tubes — those narrow T8 tubes — and not the 40W bulbs.

So, back to the Work Center to get one that I knew to be in the warehouse.  Guess what?  The tube I knew to be there was a used tube, no longer functional, and it was the only narrow one of those 32W tubes on hand.

So, back to the rest room.  Button the fixture up again, put the ladder away.  Wait till Tuesday when I can order more tubes, and maybe by the end of the week the restroom will be fully lit again.  Inventory control needs some tweaking methinks…

Anyway…. it was too beautiful a day to be upset.  I had my paintbrush out to cover over some graffiti scratched into a couple restrooms — everything looks nice and freshly painted now.  When life give you lemons… don’t make lemonade.  Go off and make a pineapple smoothie instead!!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by.  I’ll talk with you tomorrow.

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