Custom RV Modifications

Ok — This might not be the most sophisticated RV ‘modification.’  In fact it’s not exactly a ‘modification’ at all.  It’s more like a modified use of what’s already there. Nevertheless, my wife gets points for finding a new use for what we already have.

2013111109571208Our shower has a very narrow tray for soap and  shampoo.  The problem is that all our regular shampoo bottles are too wide to fit in the trough.  But we have a bunch of hotel shampoo bottles and she discovered that the spare hand-held shower-head holder is just the right size to hold one of those little bottles of hotel shampoo.  I’ve been meaning to take a picture of her little contraption for a while now.


4 thoughts on “Custom RV Modifications

    1. I can just see it now — A triple shelved pole in an RV shower — an no room for the three of you!!!!!!!

      You did mean three INDIVIDUALLY — not that all of you take your shower together. That would be even HARDER!!!! (though perhaps more fun — depending)

      I’ve been going POO-FREE and it hasn’t made a bit of difference in how my hair feels, or how I feel. Just a quick rinse every time I’m in the shower and I’m good to go. Never thought I’d say that but it works.



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