A Trying Day

Dropped calls, DISH network, or is it Winegard antenna woes, it was a trying day and I won’t say much about it.

I’m finally getting the hang of the alarm system out here.  When initially instructed I just had a mental block about what numbers to input and in what order.  After being locked out of the warehouse a couple times I think I’ve got it now.  Makes me think of that good old Pennsylvania Dutch saying about how we get ‘too soon oldt, und too late schmart.’

norcold fridgeIt was a day for chores.  Peg got the fridge defrosted — now a much easier job seeing as the Work Center has a refrigerator and we can put all the frozen stuff in there while we’re defrosting.  I got about 1/2 of the ‘porch’ disassembled; meaning only that I pounded and pried 1/2 of the boards loose making the porch about 1/2 the size it had been.  Not knowing what they will want to salvage I haven’t been removing nails from all that — I’m sure it’ s not worth paid employees hourly wages to save that stuff but I’m not going to invest the hours if some of it’s not going to be salvaged so I’ll wait until I get a determination on that.  But — I’m practicing my safe working routines and making sure to do the job safely, and leave the area in an orderly and workmanlike manner.

Isn’t it funny how you sometimes take better care of someone else’s property than you do your own?

I’ve never understood that, but I know I do it.

We continue having Satellite TV issues and Dropped Verizon calls.  I’m doing more research on whether to get a signal booster (probably made by Wilson) for the cell phone, and having a hardwired DISH installation done if we are serious about staying here for some extended time.  That continues to be a question.  We’d like to on one side, but we still want to travel on the other side.  There aren’t too many posh situations like this where you can go and stay as long as you want — in an area I’d want to be; there are plenty of places I’d still like to be for a SHORTER period of time.  Until we’ve been doing the job for a while, and seen the weather variations we just won’t know what’s right for us.

On a negative side… no one had collected garbage up here at the Work Center for some time — there were four fully stuffed garbage cans when we arrived.  Now that we have a vehicle we emptied the cans (in plastic can liners)  into the truck and noticed that one of the bags had a live rat in it.  Peg kind of freaked out over that.  I understand her qualms, but I also realize that we’re out here in the forest where all sorts of critters live all the time and it’s going to happen that we see critters.  Vermin as well as lovable deer, the occasional mountain lion, bear, skunk, etc., etc., etc..  I’m hoping she’ll come to terms with the critters; and that with our collecting trash regularly there won’t be as many resident vermin.  If there’s a reason we might not stay on ad infinitum it could be vermin.  City dwellers don’t react the same way to them as country folk;  but that’s a story that will be told over months, not hours.

camp-dry6I did get over to the Work Center to spray my work boots with waterproofing.  Easier to air the place out when it’s a LARGE place, than doing all that spraying over here inside 230 sq ft.

In the meantime, I’m also trying to learn a little bit about dunes.  There are transverse dunes, and longitudinal dunes, the dunes here are GROWING each year, and in fact where we are, up on the hill 1.2 miles from Driftwood II and about another half mile from the water — the underlying soil isn’t soil — it’s sand.

When I know enough to share I will, but for now I’ve got my head stuck in a book during my ‘idle’ moments.

On the Acclimatization Front…

For a while I had been thinking I’d made the transition from Central time to Pacific time — but I guess not.  I’m back to waking up more on our OLD TIME than on the current time.  Makes for tired campers!  We’ll get it sorted eventually, but that has always been a problem for me.  Even in the Midwest, when we changed from regular time  to daylight and back again my body never really got the message.  I had been wondering how long it might take and I’m gradually finding out.  We’ve been on PDT since the last day of September and I’m still all bollixed up.

OH, and by the way….

linguisaWhen we stopped in to have breakfast the say we picked up Kathryn, we bought a package of Linguiça from the portuguese deli there.  It was good that morning.  It’s still good.  But now that we’ve defrosted the package and we’re eating up 1 1/2 lbs of sausage between two people our fridge stinks of GARLIC — I’m not sure I’ve had sausage with so much garlic that the Tupperware containers couldn’t even contain the aroma!  WoW!  We’ve been enjoying it, but that little old sausage maker really likes his garlic!

That’s it for me for today.  I thank you for stopping by, I hope you might have laughed or cried or just chuckled along with me.  Life’s too short not to enjoy the ride.  I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


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