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Peter’s Command Central

You see here, Peter’s Command Central!

My Command Post and My Crew

My Command Post and My Crew

Journey is starting to look, once again, as if we actually live here. And just to make things complete, here’s my office, my command center and my ‘secretaries’ — or should I call them my ‘crew.’  That’s Brrrt  and Bear and Otis up there on the steering wheel table.

We plugged in our F.S. landline, and I have my F.S. cell phone on the steering wheel table as well.  And my hard hat and our GPS.  I’m all ready to go… but no where yet to go until the boss turns us loose after the training is done.

As someone who has always been a ‘just do it’ kind of guy the rules and concern about liability and training are sort of foreign to me, but I respect them.  So, I’m dragging an anchor behind until we get the go-ahead to get out there and get busy.

None of which means I can’t have fun while waiting.

Welcome to Command Central!



2 thoughts on “Peter’s Command Central

    • It IS!

      I like the seats here in the Winnebago as much as in my custom built Freightliner truck — from some almost 30 years ago. My seat is great for driving and when we are parked I swivel 90 degrees and tilt the back a little more and it’s a very comfy easy chair!!!!!!!

      Not the best place for watching TV — a little too much elevation for the closeness of the TV but I DO watch from here, even if it’s not the best idea. We could use about 4 more feet of length — but lacking that we make the best use of what we have, right?



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