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Whew, we’re exhausted and we didn’t even do much…

How do I describe today in any way other than WHEW!

Our boss was due back into the office today and we suspected that after the Gov’t shutdown and a couple additional days of leave that it could be a couple more days before we heard from her.


About 9 am a knock came on the door.  The Camp Host came over with phone numbers saying that Belva’s (our boss) assistant wanted us to call him.

Fast forward a bunch of minutes while the Camp Host corrected the incorrect phone number she gave us and the several long stories that preceded my being able to extricate myself from their living room.

An hour later we were in Reedsport, where the Forest Service outpost is controlling our section of the forest.  There we were grilled and informed about all manner of things — ALL AT THE SAME TIME.  I have to say it’s not easy completing a written drivers test, and a written trailer towing test while being told all the initial details about what we were going to be doing and how!  I must have done ok — the written driver’s test came back with 100% correct, but believe me my brain hasn’t worked that hard in months, maybe years.

We also watched instructional videos on:

  • Mountain Driving
  • Regular Driving
  • Driving Forest Service Roads
  • Avoiding the Hantavirus
  • Blood Borne Viruses

Then Belva’s assistant, Bob, took me out for a driving test, and a trailer towing test while Peggy went shopping — shopping for uniforms.  By that time it was time for the real employees to go home and we were tuckered.

Tomorrow morning we move to our new site.  That might not be quite as simple as it sounds — that ‘porch’ that some other volunteer build is thought to have been set in concrete bases — so we may either have to cut the base with a chainsaw, or see whether we can front-end-loader-it-out-of-the-ground.  I have to talk with Bob in the morning.

We also need to go back to Reedsport for the first of three Hep A shots and to order raingear.  And I have to pick out uniforms for myself.


We did inherit two rings of keys — we’ve got enough keys to challenge the school maintenance school at my grade school, 31st Street School in Milwaukee, where the maintenance engineer walked around with so many keys his pants always sagged.  We’ve got keys for everything — if only we knew what ‘everything’ included.  We still have no idea what specific locations we’ll be working at.  The options are kind of narrowing down, little by little, but they aren’t springing everything on us all at one time.   Thank goodness.

We’ll be off on Mondays and Tuesdays.  How long we work on any day is going to vary quite a bit, but we were told many times how much they wanted us to enjoy our time here, get out and see things, and be happy in what we are doing, not just DOING stuff.  They do seem to value their volunteers.  There will be a volunteer appreciation day in another month or so. FREE FOOD!!!!!


On our way to Reedsport I stopped alongside the Beach Access Road because in the morning fog there was so much dew on the cobwebs that the vegetation was amazing in it’s decorations.

We’ve had two days of fog now.  Sunday we never saw the sky.  Monday we saw the sun — in Reedsport.  But when we got back to Florence it appears that the fog never lifted.  In Milwaukee we never really SEE ‘fog banks’ — but here they are pretty obvious.  This is looking South from Florence towards the Siuslaw River and the direction where our site is located.

2013102117372606 2013102117373907

We had worked well past lunch time.  We were encouraged to take a break for lunch.  We hadn’t thought about bringing sandwiches — not knowing how long we’d be in Reedsport, so we tried out the Harbor Light Resto right across the street from the Forest Service office.  We were told that they have really great soups, but no comments were made about any of the balance of the menu.  We ordered Bacon, Blue Cheese Burgers with cole slaw and the burgers were humongous!!!!  And delicious!!! NO need for supper Monday night!


I’m not sure if I’ll have time to write tomorrow.  We’ll start work either Wednesday or Thursday depending on how much problem we have with that ‘porch’ and whether we end up needing to remove it, or can find a way of using it in situ.  I’ll let you know when we know.


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  1. Mrs. P says:

    Don’t you love it when people expect you to process three different train of thoughts at the same time? Good to see you moving forward on your plans…get a good night sleep!


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