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Where the heck are you?

siuslawSome friends have had a hard time locating us, or at least understanding the kind of area we’ll be in. I thought some other of you might be having the same problem so  I’ll make this Monday’s post seeing as we are still waiting on our new boss to make her appearance.

Siuslaw National Forest runs North and South along the Oregon / Pacific Coast.

You can see the forest in this graphic to the right ——>

We are just South of Florence, about 8 or 9 miles, near the little town of Dunes City — too small to show up on the map.  Right now we are about 1/2 mile from the ocean.  Here’s a shot from Google Earth with a red arrow showing where we are now, and a green arrow showing where we’ll be moving to.

Siltcoos AreaThere’s a lot of forest between where we are now, and where we’ll be soon.  I don’t think it’ll make any difference in whether we see the bear and her cubs, or the mountain lion.  I’m guessing they make enough of this area ‘home.’ that they’ll be nearby either way.  We have been seeing some black tailed, smaller-than-Wisconsin’s-White-Tailed-Deer here.  I’m guess they’ll be in both areas about the same amount.  The biggest difference will be the lack of campers ‘up on the hill.’
Siltcoos Work Area

The area we are moving to is very different in the sense that it’s more about the Forest Service, and less about Campers.  It’s called the ‘Siltcoos Work Center.’  It’s a hole in the forest about 5 acres in size with a large warehouse off to one side, storage space for things the Forest Service uses in maintaining this section of land — posts, wood of various kinds, metals, all sorts of stuff you probably wouldn’t have at home (and wouldn’t have much need for either).  In the center of the area is a single RV pad.  Instead of having the nice smooth asphalt pad we will have a wood chip pad (good things and bad things about that).  Someone built a little porch adjacent to where Journey will sit.  Not sure what we’ll do with that.  It’s in the wrong place for us to have access to our basement storage bays.  We might have to move it a bit.  We do have a small ‘garden’ patch too.  It’s built into a wooden frame — Yay! Raised pit gardening!  We’ll have the usual camp host amenities, hookups, etc.

So, now you know where we are, and where we’ll be.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


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