The Loneliest Road in America – and we’re on it

It’s called the loneliest road in America, and for good reason. And we’re on it! It’s US highway 50 through Nevada, and a little after 8 am we’ll be starting our trip across NV.

loneliest road

But first, let’s talk about yesterday!

274 miles from Grand Junction CO to Delta UT.  The start from Grand Junction into Utah is pretty much just rolly-hills. And Lots Of Them!!!


I haven’t been asking Peg to get behind the wheel up until now, but the lack of traffic was a good enough reason for her to give RV Driving a shot.  She learned that her right leg is going to get a lot more work!!!  But on a windy day she did a great job.

This shot is a panoramic view through Journey’s window — thanks to Photosynth.


The major reason for letting her drive along this stretch of road is the great road and absence of traffic.


Getting into Utah, the scenery changes significantly.


Not only in terms of landforms, but also in terms of coloration.





Most of the way to Delta we finally got onto US50 and you can begin to see why it’s called the Loneliest Road in America.


This is our overnight stop at Antelope Valley RV Park.  It’s pretty open, and in actuality it’s a membership park that also accepts transients like us!  We were the first in for the night so we copped a pull-through site.


The next two days are going to be fun.  I’m not sure if we’ll have access to the InterWebs tomorrow, so if you don’t hear from us, it’s no big deal.  I think we’ll be boondocking at Hickison Petroglyphs, but that’s up for grabs, and dependent partly on the forecast low when we get there.

Hickison Petroglpyh



I am a bit behind on comment responses, I’ll get to you as soon as I can.



7 thoughts on “The Loneliest Road in America – and we’re on it

  1. Oh I just knew I was going to enjoy this blog… a couple after our own hearts… I love your photograpic shares showing such beautiful places… oh I can’t wait to get out there and do our thing and blog on it…


  2. Wow, that photosynth is creepy and cool at the same time. So, is this your picture…or a collection of everyone else’s…I can’t help but think, “We are the Borg!”

    But, I like the end product and want my pics to look like that too.

    Hi Peg…you look great behind the wheel!

    Okay, you kids have fun…we’ll see you in a couple days! 🙂


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