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Now Didn’t We Get A Surprise!

You just can’t believe anything anymore.

The recreation.gov website has been showing limited availability at the campgrounds and we last Tuesday decided to reserve for tonight and tomorrow even though they showed 39 sites available — and some 30 sites still closed since the park was shut down due to high water.

We we arrived today after a really pleasant drive we discovered that…

  • All those unavailable sites were not only available but were occupied.
  • And the 39 sites available were now pretty much all booked…

Had we not reserved for this Friday and Saturday we would have been tough out of luck.  So much for reduced park traffic after Labor Day.  The consequent result is that we have tied down Sunday night’s stop too.  From there I think/hope our fly by the seat of the pants approach should fare better as we proceed to less populous locations.  Sunday will be quite near Des Moines and that’s a pretty good sized population center.

Kathryn asked me to send pictures of what was damaged by the flood waters — there must needs be some reason that those 30 sites were showing as unavailable.  Well, we aren’t sending pictures and there isn’t damage — in fact they did shut down the campground but there flooding of the campground never occurred.  All the electric boxes had to be re-powered and the campground reset for visitors but there is no damage. 🙂   We had a very interesting talk with one of the rangers here, and while they were spared the flood this time, the year she started at Thomson Causeway there was water chest deep (on her, not me).  She was glad it didn’t happen again!


This image may not mean anything to anyone except Kathryn and those who were wondering how well our awning hangers worked out.

This is our LED rope light installed on the awning sleeve.  You can’t see much because it’s dark outside… DUH… But the point being that it holds the ropelight just as it was designed to do.  And the light provides a reasonable amount of light as long as you aren’t a camera.

And of course, with such a close view of the water we just had to get one snap of the sunset — having not seen many sunsets the last few weeks in the forest.


Not spectacular, but nothing to sniff at either!

I needed an outdoor extension cord, so we drove to Savanna where there’s a hardware store.  I found my cord — as witnessed by the picture of the rope light above, and while we were there we dropped into Manny’s Pizza.


I have to be honest and say that I wasn’t too sure about a pizza place that features a Mexican reclining against a cactus in their logo, and they do feature some Mexican fare on the menu — but the pizza is clearly the hometown fave here.

We went for our usual Pepperoni, Black Olive, and Mushroom concoction and this one was absolutely top shelf. Not on a par with Great River Roadhouse, or Giovanni’s in Roseland, IL, or Tanino’s on 76th Street, or Balestreri’s on 68th street — not THAT good — but definitely top shelf.

We’ve been on a roll lately with our pizza choices and not knowing what we may find as we move westward we’ll get in a couple more ‘fixes’ if possible.

Not too shabby, eh?  We didn’t finish it, but we’ll have enough for a  little snack tomorrow or Sunday.

All in all it was a wonderful day.  We met some new friends, found out the park wasn’t damaged, ate some decent food, laughed and joked a lot… what could be better.

I’ll talk with you tomorrow, and thanks for stopping bye.


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  1. Kate says:

    Your site is in the furthest-most loop- backing up to the tent area- correct? Right side-end as you approach the loop? (At least that’s what it looks like from the picture.) Just trying to get my barrings while there is still a park i’m familiar with! 🙂


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