The Aesthetic of Lostness

We’re getting ready to head start our trip west and we decided todo the trip largely without reservations.  With that I want to channel Ray Bradbury…

“Half the fun of the travel is the aesthetic of lostness.”
– Ray Bradbury

Heading into Milwaukee this morning on a route we travelled a few times 4 months ago we managed to get lost.  In S.E. Wisconsin where we’ve lived for 40 years.  Someone moved the roads.  Or so it seemed, what with all the road construction going on, and that has been completed.  ‘Cuz they sure weren’t where we left them 1/3 of a year ago!

The “Aesthetic of Lostness”  may not sound like fun but I find it lostness to be an important and informative part of travel.  Any fulling fulfilling trip requires a little lostness.    A little bit of lostness is a good thing.  A lot… well, not so much.

Getting lost keeps you open and it adds a little excitement.  And of course ‘lostness’ is as much a metaphorical place as it is a geographical place.  But,  at the moment I’m getting a more than planned — a little self-induced ‘lostness’ as a result of wanting to get too much done in too short a time before starting a big trip.  Somehow, without thinking about it, I do it every time.

macbook-pro-retina.pngMy new laptop had arrived at Mayfair a few days ago, so Monday was pickup day.  Which of course means that there’s a lot of transferring and re-jiggering to be done before we leave on Friday morning.  (I’m waffling on that, my new ‘deadline’ may be before Kathryn returns by air from Eugene.

We made our trip to the clinic Monday morning, and thence to the lakefront for a strange sort of walk.  The path at Veteran’s Park seems so odd now that the restroom and picnic pavilion have finally been torn down.  And it was foggy so I thought maybe Momma Nature was prepping us for Oregon. I’m not sure how we’ll like the weather out West but this isn’t typical of Milwaukee!

It fits in with the theme of ‘lostness’ though…

We stopped by Michael’s shop to see how the place is looking and I felt so sorry for him — he too is enduring the Aesthetic of Lostness — except from a different aspect.  The contractor who’s supposed to do the concrete floor has been ignoring his calls to schedule the work and poor son-in-law is stressing out…. wandering around a little lost. (Late Breaking News:  the concrete contractor finally made contact and they say they’ll be on the job next Monday!)


He’s been working on restoring a vintage Crosley auto for his aunt (since his uncle passed a year or so ago — I’m horrible about remember elapsed time). It’s not making money the way he would like to, but it’s a satisfying job in between productive jobs, and it helps distract his mind from the construction snags.

I don’t know if I’ll get started on data transfer from the old Laptop to the new today.  But all things come in time and that will be a big project when I do start it.  So… burgers and beer tonight and we’ll see what the morrow has in store.

We were thinking it would be a bit cooler here in Milwaukee.  I guess we were wrong.

Current Conditions
Our Location Spring Valley, WI
Highland Ridge Campground
MAX Temp 92
Sunny Yes
Rain No
Fog No

I see my sister in law has joined Google+.  I’m not sure if you’ll follow along with us Lisa, but we’ll see you in a little under a month from now.

And to the rest of you…

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow!


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