About It’s Approved…


I’ve had some inquiries about the nature of the building that Michael and Kathryn have purchased.  To I decided to provide a little history (as little as I know)

The building is pre-1900 and for quite a few years it has been nothing more than storage for machine tools.  The former owner of the building has been  a seller of machine tools (lathes, presses, etc.) for many years.

In it’s early life the building housed a magnet factory.

This image Michael found and here’s his caption:

Just found this online – 1942 Popular Mechanics article . Publicity shot of a woman in iron-soled shoes suspended by a Dings Magnetic Separator roller . She’s hanging from the back crane , pretty much where it is parked now . Great piece of 2424 So. Graham history !

The interior is really three long bays.  The ‘kids’ residence will be the 1/3 to the right in the photo, the reamining 2/3 will be used for Mike’s auto and furniture shop.


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