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No its not foggy!

when I look out the hallway window from the bed, all I see is the side of the dinette slider

when I look out the hallway window from the bed, all I see is the side of the dinette slider

When I lay in bed and try to look out the window to see what the weather’s like I usually get weirded out.  No, it’s not foggy out there — even if it looks like it.  Because when look out that tiny window (with the shades drawn it’s tiny) all I can see is the white side of the dinette slider.  So, all I see is a white blob.

I guess you could say it’s reassuring to get out of bed and realize that once more you’ve been faked out by white paint!

There are a couple other little glitches about RV living that I’ve noticed.  One of them presents a question.  Why do you put a rear view mirror on the dashboard of a vehicle that has no rear window?  Is it a federal rule that you have to   have a rear view mirror in the middle of your windshield?

I end up turning the rearview mirror on end so the curtains fit behind it.

I end up turning the rearview mirror on end so the curtains fit behind it.

When we’re on the road all I can see in my rearview mirror is some portion of the interior of Journey. It’s slightly convex — the mirror that is, not Journey, so it’s kind of a panoramic view, but it’s still more of a distraction than an aid to navigation.

And if we hear something ‘clatter’ or ‘thunk’ I would be lying if I said I didn’t do a quick turnaround peek rather than look in the mirror.  This has meant that we have sworn in a new ‘Sheriff’ in town.  Or maybe just a new Lieutenant.  So now Peg has become our Lieutenant of Unexplained Noises .

Peg is our Lieutenant Columbo... You remember him, don't you?

Peg is our Lieutenant Columbo… You remember him, don’t you?

At any rate most of the time the driver’s side window curtain is drawn across the window.  We get enough light to suit us and yet people don’t look directly into the whole interior of Journey.

I guess that’s a hold over from out days in a brick & stick home.  Most of our life we spent most of our inside-the-house living time on the second floor.  It seems that almost every place we lived there was one or more rooms on the second floor where we spent much of our time.  Consequently, we aren’t all that accustomed to sidewalk people being at eye level.  Yet, we like to look OUT.  A curtain across the driver’s side and an open passenger’s side window does the job.

I’m about ready to take the mirror down and store it away until the day comes that we sell Journey.  NO, that does NOT mean we have any plans to replace Journey. That mirror may stay stored away for a good long time.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “No its not foggy!

  1. Mrs. P says:

    My understanding on mirrors is that you have to have two…but my info might be outdated. Since you already have right and left, I think you’re legal. But don’t take my word for it, check the regulations. There are some vehicles such as buses that do require the rear view in addition to the two side views. Sounds like it would be a nuisance on an RV.


    • You are right about the mirror requirement. That said, every motor coach and every school bus I’ve driven also had interior review mirrors. And often as a driver I would see things of importance about the safety of my passengers. I also saw things I wasn’t so happy about. People doing unsafe things, exhibitionists flashing their private bits, bullies doing mean things.

      I took ours down yesterday. If it makes any difference fine. At least now I can put our bubble wrap insulation in the window more easily — and with the heat for the last two days and today that’s a good thing.


  2. Mrs. P says:

    I was lucky. My school bus driving days were only taking my classroom students in a twenty passenger bus (piece of cake) on their weekly fieldtrips or camping. They knew better than to act out…if they did they couldn’t come on the next trip. I simply won’t drive if it is unsafe and only had to pull over once because they were getting too rowdy. I would never have made it in any public bus system. Some things just don’t have to be experienced.


    • I drove coach for… Oh, I guess 3 years.. during a time when photo customers had been making me crazy — so I took time off. I did charters mostly, but if there were no charters I sometimes got wrangled into substitute school bus driving which I hated. Occasionally I would get a full sized but, but I was good with kids so they often put me into a special needs 8 passenger thing and I liked that better.

      Coach driving was a hoot most of the time. Sometimes it was just stupid. A bus full of high school students on Spring Trip to Disneyworld are never going to be a good thing. …



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