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When the heat gets to you


Yesterday I mentioned our neighbor who decided that they needed more cooling… this is how they decided to get it.

Today was sort of an adrenalin let down day for us.  We are both emotionally exhausted — I guess being ‘on call’ is more strenuous than we thought it might be.  While we were poking around the campground we found one of our Highland Ridge campers who seem to have followed us down here.  Small world.

I snapped a few shots around the campground to give some sense of how much the water levels have receded.  It’s amazing to me not only the power and fluctuations of nature but also the degree to which man has learned to control them.  It’s truly amazing to me.


Great River Roadhouse Interior

We made it back to Great River Roadhouse tonight — IN july we had seen their marvelous pizzas and we had to come back to try one.  it was worth waiting 2 months for.  The joint gets a lot of local traffic, a lot of biker traffic, and tonight it was host to the Driftless Paddlers, a Kayaking group.  They had clearly had a fun day and they all seemed to still be dry — a miracle I rarely seem to be able to achieve when I get into a Kayak.

They also have some 40 different bees.  Not all craft or IPAs but a nice selection nonetheless.

I finally got around to our DISH TV again.  It’s the dumbest thing.  I had it hooked up in the driveway at Cudahy and then switched over to antenna TV.  When we left Cudahy it was a while before we could get a satellite signal (based on where our campsite was located) — and by then I couldn’t remember what software switches to set — and then we didn’t have a signal again.  It’s nice to see what I’ve been paying for.  🙂

And, it will be nice to have a little more control over what we watch!  Relying strictly on the Air stations is good enough most of the time but it will be nice to have some variety.  Not sure what we’ll have in Florence.

I’ve been doing a little research on Florence — one of the topics lead me to find a reference to Oregon Farmers Markets.  I’ll post that in a day or so.


a medium pepperoni, black olive, mushroom ‘Za

We have a huge number of sparrows here.  I’m not sure why but we didn’t see a single sparrow up at Highland Ridge.  Yesterday afternoon on the prairie terrain alongside our site there were 30 at one time.

Immature Easter Brown Headed Cowbird

Immature Easter Brown Headed Cowbird

On that same subject, the last few days in Highland Ridge we had a little friend hanging out near our campsite.  This little guy was so friendly he would come within 1 foot of our feet with no sense of fear at all.  He’s a happy little bug eater so we weren’t in any hurry to send him on his way.  We were only happy that he didn’t get in the way as we pulled out from our site yesterday.

It’s funny how some critters have so much fear of humans, and others seem quite content to have people near and show no evidence of human-phobia.


3 thoughts on “When the heat gets to you

  1. Mrs. P says:

    Your bird looks fat!

    That pizza looks delicious! A rotten thing to see first thing in the morning when I haven’t eaten yet.

    And we routinely take a two hour detour to stop at our favorite ice cream parlor when driving the north/south eastern corridor. A place so good that when scheduling the trip, the first thing we think of is…stopping for ice cream and thinking should we do it on the way up or the way back. It’s too decadent to do both so we have to choose. That will determine what time we leave and where we might stay along the way. So, what’s so bad about being a slave to ice cream? What?!

    …more coffee…


    • Those little guys (there were a couple of them in the campground but only one came near our site) all seem to be a little pudgy, but I think that’s a function of how they stand on the ground. When they fly that neck stretches out considerably and they no longer appear quite so pudgy.

      LOL — favorite places to eat indeed.

      We have been known (in the days of cheap gas) to drive from Milwaukee to Osseo, a paltry distance of 225 miles — for breakfast. The Norske Nook — a tiny place I knew long before it became famous when it was included in some book about roadside food in america — has great prices sure, but it also had something like 30 different kinds of home made pie each day. Now they branched out into three or four locations and the food and the pies are not nearly as good as they used to be but people come by the busloads.

      We too plan things about the time we would arrive at various points.

      There’s nothing at all wrong about being addicted to ice cream. Years ago I would have a dish of ice cream every day.

      I agree — time for more coffee…



  2. That Pizza…yum and with our favorite toppings to boot! Something to keep in mind if you ever head down to the Florida Keys. There is a place called ‘The No Name Pub’ on Big Pine Key. Not only is it a unique location with a VERY colorful history but they have THE BEST PIZZA I have ever tasted in my country and worldwide travels of tasting pizza! The crust is light and airy almost like a pastry, that melts in your mouth and crunches at the same time. The sauce is a savory concoction made from fresh tomatos and a perfect blend of seasonings that enables a juicy bite while crunching on that perfect crust. The grade A pepperoni was sliced to the ideal thickness and the black olives were premium with that buttery fresh taste you can only get from a first rate olive. And the cheese…well…words fail me….Well worth an 8 hour (from our front door) one way drive just for the pizza alone.


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