It’s Approved!

2424 Graham Street

2424 Graham Street

It’s approved. Kathryn and Michael’s dream is coming true. The City of Milwaukee Development Board approved their split use zoning request and a dream of living and dwelling in this great historic old Bay View building is finally free to move forward! Call the plumber, call the cement contractor, call everyone…. let’s get the construction started.

They get a new place to work, a new place to live, a chance to live out their dreams and we get our final temporary mailing address (for as long as we go RV’ing) it’s a red letter day for our family all around…

And those backward thinking folks in Cudahy who pooh-poohed their idea in Cudahy — well they only lost out in the long run. This is better for everyone involved. Yee Haw!


7 thoughts on “It’s Approved!

  1. Congratulations…my imagination is running wild with all the possibilities of a beautiful split use building like that. Awesome news for your family!


    1. The “Kids” (they’re in their 40’s now) have a huge project ahead of them but they are hard workers and their heart is in the project and that’s the biggest contributing factor to their success.

      Their ‘vision’ isn’t super plush — it’s actually quite modest but it is THEIR vision and they love it. 🙂 🙂


    1. it’s an old factory. At the turn of the century they made magnets there, then it was used for warehouse space for a machine tools broker. I’ll post a photo from a 1942 Popular Mechanics article


      1. That is really amazing! I wonder if they’ll discover any history lurking in the walls and up in the rafters as they start their restoration work. Are they going to blog about the process? I hope they do! I would love to follow along!


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