Inexpensive Awning Track Hangers


Can be used to hang tarps, lights, hang rope, or make your own awning.  Strong as HECK

for each one you make, you’ll need 10 inches of paracord (ends melted), 1 inch of 1/4 inch rigid aluminum tubing, one M10 washer.

If you cut the rigid tubing with a pipe cutter you’ll end up with a piece that’s exact and easy to de-burr, but you can cut it with whatever you have.  Cleaning up will vary in time required with other methods.  An easy way to do this is to chuck the piece into a drill and turn it on a piece of sandpaper or pinched in a scotch brite pad.  Remove all burrs and polish the ends and there won’t be any risk of of scratching the inside of the awning track.

Lets begin with assembly.

1. pull paracord through the rigid aluminum tubing, hold ends together and tie a knot close to the ends.

2. slip the M10 washer over the rigid tubing with the cord pinched alongside the length of the tubing (pictured below)  The washer is not necessary if you’ll not be hanging a tarp.

3.  slide the assembly can be slid into the awning track and hang away!

Now, if you want to hang a tarp– pinch the cord again against the tubing and push it through the grommet hole.  The washer will prevent the knot from pulling through the tarp grommet.

awningtrackhangerIf you want more length to hang something at a lower height, knock yourself out– cut the rope longer.  Leave the washer off if you’d like, make more knots or whatever blows your dress up.


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