Old Diary

I Can Drive, Says Uncle Sam


Woo Hoo!  Uncle Sam says I can drive a golf cart!.  Ok — so I’m being silly. But the Corps of Engineers IS concerned about safety!  So, yesterday our coordinator came around and checked us both out on operating the Golf Cart — our one piece of moving equipment.

Actually, this hosting thing is getting more interesting.  As observed (at THIS location) the camp host hasn’t been doing a lot compared to other Corps campgrounds.  I won’t say that was part of the appeal — in truth it was not.  I was kind of wondering whether there shouldn’t be more to the job than what we were seeing.  It just didn’t seem right that other camp hosts were busier and not so much here.  But I think your level of busy-ness is a function of your ambition.

The coordinator went over the official duties with us briefly.  Seeing as the camp host couple had already spent some significant time doing the same he didn’t waste much time on it.  BUT… He did bring with him a list of optional projects we can tackle if we want.  And I have a sneaking suspicion that we’ll try to work through all 7 of the projects on the list. painter cartoonMost of the projects on the list involve painting!

There’s kind of a joke there.  Don’t forget in the past we have owned a 12 family apartment and a 6500 Sq Ft school — we are NOT novices to swinging a paintbrush!  But when we left the school we naively said to ourselves that we weren’t going to be doing any more painting.  I mean in Journey we haven’t any interior surfaces that are particularly amenable to paint.  There’s wall covering and wood, and if the wood isn’t really ‘wood’ then it’s masonite covered to LOOK like wood.  So, we blithely went along thinking we might not be doing any more painting until we came back (if ever) to brick & mortar living. That will not be.

The thing is, we are sort of encouraged to do pretty much anything we’d like to spruce up the campgrounds.  There’s a shed here with some macro gardening tools (loppers and bigger saws).  There are the painting projects to keep things looking spiffy.  The Interpretive Center has never been finally stained — they got three sides done and ran out of steam, or help (I’m not sure which).  And there are paths that could use a little trimming to make them more usable.  So — I think we have as much work as we choose to do.  And that’s the nice part about it.  No one says we have to do anything more than the assigned camp host duties — but if we choose we are free to run rampant.  Sounds like MY kind of JOB.

Once the drivers’ testing and form filling were done we had time to bop into Menomonie to get a little shopping done.  Our ‘routine’ — if we have yet developed one — will have to change to accommodate the cycle of camp hosting.  That means Monday through Thursday tend to be pretty quiet — no matter which Corps campground you’re at.  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday tend to keep you busy.  And so, errands and lengthier trips away from the campgrounds are best undertaken early in the week.  And yesterday we stocked up for Katy’s visit so we’re good to go.  Tomorrow we move from our present site to the Camp Host site.

Terrain Map

Click for Larger View

I wanted to share this terrain map of our area.  If you click on the map you’ll see it closer up.  We are right on the edge of an area of nice rolling hills.  The road to the East — towards Menomonie traverses some more of those hills.  This time of year, with all the lush green, this is an absolutely gorgeous area to drive. To the West and North is primarily farmland, with a lot of corn being grown, along with gently rolling hills and light forestation.  We have done a little exploring thus far (this year and last year) — just radiating out from our current location.

When we leave here in September we’ll only be going about 60 miles to the N.W..  Not far at all.  There we’ll be along the St. Croix River (tributary to the Mississippi) What we don’t see from here we can (if we choose) continue exploring while we are there.  There are a couple state parks — Willow Run and Kinnikinic — we explored both of those last year.