Our Last Day on the River for a While

River At A GlanceWe are winding up our stay along the river for a while.  We’ll be back along the Great River Road soon, but before we head inland for a couple weeks I thought I’d share this resource.

If you are interested in rivers and river traffic — commercial barges and the like — you’ll want to check out the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers information site about the river system.  They recently re-did their site and I now find it much easier to use with more useful information.  Pick your river, (all the navigable rivers in the COE system) and the beginning and endpoints of interest and you’ll be amazed at the information you can find — including a real time map with the location of river tows!  It’s a great way to learn about the ins and outs of the barge world.

This map is from yesterday and it shows approximately 185 river miles on the Mississippi.  In that distance there were 8 barges on the move, six moving upstream, two moving downstream.  I found the site very helpful during our stay.  When we return to the river in a little over two weeks we’ll be further inland beyond the point of commercial traffic on the river — so I won’t be checking the website very much until we return — whenever that might be.

De Soto to OnalaskaWe leave Blackhawk today, and travel all of 30 miles to La Crosse.  I’ll be putting Journey in the shop for what we hope are three days (or parts thereof) to have a couple maintenance jobs taken care of. While we’re there we’ll stay at the local Microtel for two nights and hope we’re al finished up by Friday to make our next reservation at Spring Valley, WI

Stay tuned to our continuing adventures!


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