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Yesterday was a whiz bang productive day!  Momma is much happier and when momma is happy the whole world is happier.  (Nah… I shouldn’t tease my wife like that — she’s ever so easy to live with, but sometimes I just can’t help myself! The devil made me do it.)

First and most importantly we got out our bucket and brush and cleaned the awning!   That’s a sloppy job — washing things over your head always is — specially when you’re using a long handled broom as a mop. But the job is done now — for a while.

If you aren’t an RV’er you won’t realize that we have four awnings on Journey.  Because those awnings sometimes drive down the road at 60 MPH they are subject to having rain water driven into the rolled up awnings from the leading edge, where it can sit — and sometimes mildew.   (I don’t drive faster than that when we are towing because the CR-V doesn’t want to be towed faster than 60 — so I usually cruise at 55.  Not a bad speed for a retiree.)

2013070207044001We haven’t had the awning out much this summer yet — high winds aren’t friendly winds.  But the one time we did have it out I realized the awning needed a little love.  So yesterday morning we gave them all a little love and the big one a LOT of love.  She looks a lot better now.  This early this morning shot gives you an idea.  Maybe later in the day I’ll take one when there aren’t shadows on the coach, but it was nice getting out in the low 60 degree sun to capture this shot!

I had the entire basement empty — several times — and I moved a bunch of things around.  And around.  And around. Figuring out the most efficient way of storing things, and trashing some of them in the process seems to have no better formula than trying them all out and seeing how much space you have after each attempt.  All that packing and unpacking took the better part of a beautiful day to accomplish.  But…  When I was finished we had less stuff and more room.

I’m sure everything will not continue to live where it is right now.  I will keep looking for better solutions for the next few months or more. That’s just who I am.  For example, I woke in the middle of the night to realize that my drill bits were now living in a place that will require several other containers to be removed before I can get at them.  But seeing how often I use some items will be a big clue in deciding how accessible they need to be.

On a Not So Positive Note

computer woesVerizon is still not done troubleshooting my broadband issue. They started a trouble ticket — for all that means to a customer — and they are supposed to have engineers “looking at it.” It’s going on three days now.

I get some slow, sporadic service using my iPhone as a hotspot. It’s not great and isn’t the right way to fix the problem. But I’ll write this morning’s post using what I have.

We moved here on Wednesday, I had good service Wed through Saturday morning and since then bupkiss!  I upgraded my MiFi device — I had the upgrade coming anyway — but the new device gets less of a signal than my old MiFi, or my iPhone — chances are good that this MiFi is going back to the store!


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We are both plowing ahead in our reading. Peg has moved on to another in the Jan Karon series, and I have moved on to another by Lawrence Sanders.

I saw that I have several more Sanders books down there in the bottom of my nightstand — a location also coming to be known as our “Library.”  I might try to get through some/most of them before I turn to our good friend William Shakespeare..


3 thoughts on “Topside, Bottomside all Around the House

  1. It’s amazing how ‘organised’ you can become when you’re living in a smaller space 🙂

    I didn’t know about the awning issue (I’ve never had an RV), but I’d be interested to know if you’ve got insect screens because I’m looking at making some velcro ones for our windows at the RUC) because regular screens don’t fit on them. I’ve been googling how to do this to find it’s also a problem with vans.


    • Dianne,

      “How ‘organized’ you CAN become?” LOL Not much choice about it! It’s almost a necessity!

      We have critter screens all around including a screen door on the entry door. So except for the times when the passenger side basement bays are open there’s no easy way for flying critters to get inside. There is an open space through the basement that I want to cover over but have not done so yet.

      The door situation is actually the one thing I’m unhappy about. Even inquiring of the manufacturer there seems no way for our particular model to have the door propped open so that the screen door can function as intended — I have to find some way of locking the exterior door in place without damaging the frame or the passenger side rear-view mirrors that the door slams into when the wind catches it.

      Our screens use the normal rubber-band sort of fastener where you have a groove in the window frame, your screen extends across that groove and then with a special little tool the rubberband — elastic-band gets sqeezed into the groove and then the excess screen material is cut off. The screen is INSIDE the window — not outside — otherwise the screen material would be exposed to excessive wind pressures and would ultimately blow free of the window.

      Instead of Velcro would you consider magnets? On TV they are selling magnet scree door curtains and while I have not seen one in person the IDEA sounds much better than velcro if you are going in and out. If the screen attaches and then stays in place for months on end I suppose the Velcro would be fine — but that screen material isn’t all that strong and I could see it tearing from being pulled apart…. not sure.

      hope that helps. it’s about as much as I know about screens! I have to repair the screen on our front door — I’ll try to remember to take pictures when I do so.

      Cheers, Peter


      • Thanks, Peter! I bought some magnetic ones but haven’t tried them yet. Other than that I may look at making the normal ‘rubber band’ types 😀


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