Temporary Flatlanders

Thomson CausewayAfter nine nights in Kansasville we forsake WI for the “flat-land” comfort of Illinois.  (He says with tongue planted firmly in cheek)  This part of Illinois — Thomson — on the Mississippi River is actually quite roly-poly but Illinoisans will never outlive a Wisconsinite’s scorn and their nickname, “Flatlanders.”

We leave behind the cacophony of red winged blackbirds, bluebirds, warblers, swifts and bullfrogs in search of woodpeckers and tree frogs, painted turtles and flickers.  Life is easy along the Big Muddy — at least it is when they aren’t having floods as they have been now — locks below Fulton have been closed by the USACE for a few weeks.

We visited this U.S. Army Corps of Engineers site last year and really liked it.  We’ll be here 14 nights.  I’m finding out we may not have much TV — our DISH doesn’t pick up a signal because of the trees between us and the satellite — and we get only about 4 TV stations but RV’ing isn’t about spending our retirement watching TV.  We’ll make do.


Delbert is supposed to arrive in Clinton Today.  We’ll try to get over to Clinton tomorrow to see him — if the Nina arrived in town.  If not we’ll get started on organizing.  Peg didn’t want to tackle any of that work until we got down here.  Not any particular reason, just enjoying the freedom.  I’m afraid I have a LOT of work to do, and a lot of sorting to do, but I’m game and each day I feel more awake and more interested in tackling chores.  I’m not one for sitting around idly, not even in retirement.

water hose

our new never kink — which still kinks — sanitary hose

When we dumped our waste water and refilled our tanks we used our new white sanitary hose — getting rid of the old garden hose we used last year.  We also used a new inline water filter for filling.  Journey is equipped with the standard Everpure RV drinking water filter system.


Everpure filter

But I prefer to pre-filter when we fill our tanks.  It slows down our departure by quite a bit — we add a good 20-30 minutes to our departure time if our tank is nearly empty but between the pre-filter and the Everpure the water quality is much better.  Last year we used a Culligan filter we bought from Camping World and it did an OK job.  This year we found a TastePURE filter that I bought when I couldn’t remember what we had last year and it “looked” a lot like the other one.  I was thinking this one was really slow to load water (at the school I didn’t filter knowing the water quality in the city pipes).  But now that I have tasted the results I think I’ll stick with this one when it needs replacing.  The quality really is amazing.

Taste PURE

TastePURE filter

Our drive down was quite nice. Uneventful — which is the way we roll around here! We hugged the Rock River on IL-2 for a short distance and then cut across country on all sorts of small roads (Thank you Rand McNally GPS) and arrived at the heat of the day: 93 degrees. There were severe storm watches out, but thus far nothing to concern us.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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