The Clutter Fairy Cometh

Eight Days Till Closing?

Eight Days Till Closing?

The Clutter Fairy lives on Ramsey!

Right now we need the clutter fairy!

Right now we need the clutter fairy!

As we slowly begin loading gear onboard Journey the staging inside the school is unreal! Piles here… Piles there… Piles, piles, every where!  If I thought I couldn’t find anything for the last 8 months because some of our possessions were in the school and some in Journey, well, that was nothing compared to the temporary feeling of loss-of-control that we are in for the next couple days.  I’m not sure what we’ll eat, or where, what we’ll wear, or not wear, because everything is getting sorted and resorted. I’m looking forward to completing the transition.  But — It’s all FUN!

We aren’t in a big hurry to cram things into Journey — meaning we have 4 1/2 days to finish the process.  Last year we did it all in about a day and a half. This year stretching it out is helping to fill the time and keep the pre-closing jitters under control, So, a little here and a little there is the order of the day.  Do some other chores in between — like taking the CR-V back to the dealer for the seatbelt install, run to the bank for some currency changing, etc..  But the biggest part is getting things ready so that on the weekend everything can go onboard with order and purpose.calendar pages

I guess one change in retirement that I enjoy most is not having to do things in a hurry.  All my life I’ve either had deadlines handed to me, or I’ve made them up for myself — I seemed to need deadlines to get things done.  Now I get my job done, but I am more willing to have multiple projects in the air at one time and to putter with one for a while, then putter with another, without obsessing about completing one before starting another.  It’s wonderfully liberating.   It makes for longer stories though.. 🙂

We continue paring down our possessions. While we’re in transition more items move to our “to be stored in Milwaukee” pile. It’s not a big pile — we don’t have that much stuff anymore.  But I guess I have not yet gotten over downsizing;  I’m moved to pare our possessions further.  By the time we leave on Monday we’ll have more room in Journey than we did last summer.

It’s the funny little things that have huge emotional attachment.  For example, I don’t shave a lot.  Most of the time I sport a beard. But I have a shaving brush I bought before we were married and a shaving mug that belonged to my dad. I brought them with us last year — and used them… well, maybe once.

Contrariwise — I almost put our blender into storage before thinking that we’ll be spending more time in warmer climes and the ability to mix up a smoothie or a frozen margarita might just come in handy — so that came OFF the  “to be stored in Milwaukee” pile and back onto the kitchen pile.   Win some, lose some.

There will be no leave-behinds in the spice category — most of my spices are already onboard — on one of Michael’s new spice shelves.  For the next 4 days I cook bland food.  If I get around to cooking at all.  (just a personal choice there, no other reason.)  Actually, we have frozen tuna steaks in the freezer, and shrimp, which will be gone before we leave on Monday.  I picked up some luscious asparagus last night.  Yum Oh — Asparagus in the Spring

Last year I stressed out because I had no idea how to get rid of 45 years worth of accumulation.  I simply was not equipped to divest myself of that much in such a short period of time:  I used to like my stuff. This year I am so on board with continually trimming our belongings that I’m having fun with the process even if I do winge on about it. Talking about it -– making fun about it keeps the pre-closing jitters at bay.  It’s a coping mechanism.  But the reality is that we know we fit in Journey.  We’ve proven that.  So, now the re-loading is simple; and there’s that added incentive to make life simpler and easier by trimming even further.

Future RV Mods

211kI finally got around to our DISH account — late in the afternoon. It took an hour and a half, but everything seems to work fine. I was all ready for a long conversation with Tech Services — and ended up doing the whole thing all by myself.  It helps if you don’t over think things —  they really do a good job of making things self-installing nowadays.  As a geezer I’m not used to things working quite as nicely without human interference.

That said, with everything in place and working there are some changes to the wiring in Journey that I may undertake over the next few months.  Being a 2002 coach, when we got her she was equipped with analog TV’s — which we changed out over this past winter.  Now that we have fully joined the digital age I can see that a little re-wiring of the entertainment center may better suit how we live. After we have lived with the new TV’s and DISH for a couple months I’ll figure out what lines need replacing and how to make this coach a home. More on this over the summer I suspect.


uspsI’ve intentionally been putting off some leaving-town-chores.  We changed our address 1 year ago, with Mike & Katy planning their move to Graham street I will need to change addresses all over again.  They do not yet have the second address for the new property and things like changing my automatic prescription refill are best not changed too many times.  So, there are some items that I’m leaving go until after we have finally cleared out of Cudahy.  I will have to be back in Milwaukee at least once before September — those details I should be able to finalize in a day trip.

Eight Days Till Closing?

Eight Days Till Closing?

I keep hoping all things are moving in the right direction among those details we have no control over.  We got the Title documents by email last night.  I guess that’s good.  Seeing as I understand nothing about real estate transactions I freely admit that every time the agent sends me something I freak out a little.  Control freaks like me don’t like being out of control, and there’s nothing more out-of-control than not understanding what’s going on. I have to say, I’m so glad that Kathryn married someone like Michael who has a much better sense for business than I ever had.  I’ve never been happy to deal with money.  And every time I’m forced to do big transactions I’ve always been uncomfortable.  But put me behind a camera and I’m quite at home.  Or behind a keyboard.  We all have our strengths — real estate is not one of mine.  Soon I won’t have to worry about it.

Talk to you tomorrow!


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