Down to Single Digits

Nine Days till Closing?

Nine Days till Closing?

We’re actually down to single digits before closing!  Hooray!  More about that in just a moment.

this is what the bugger looks like

this is what the bugger looks like

I finally found out what Peggy lost the day she came home from work to say, “Something fell off the car on my way home, but I don’t know what it was!”  Turns out the Catalytic Converter heat shield was missing.  This I know because when you take a Honda into a dealer they go looking for every change to make a few bucks off of your fortuitous appearance in their service bay.  But on a positive note, the reason my SRS light came on turns out to be a fortunate seat belt issue (meaning they’ll fix it — hopefully today when the part arrives — for free).  And they took care of my recall.  While the car was in the shop we also had the tires rotated and wheels re-aligned (which my daughter told me I needed doing — smart aleck kid! 😀 )  And we had something or other with the read stabilizers — long story short — it’s ready for the better part of a year’s being towed and going places….. let’s put a  √ after that item on our getting ready for the road list!

We started loading up yesterday.  Not a lot.  It amounted to 4 small boxes worth of books and paper stuff.  We carry our own library along in Journey.  Not a lot of books but enough for our needs:

cabinetry in JOURNEY -- before the new floor

cabinetry in JOURNEY — before the new floor

  • Rhyming books for Peg
  • Novels for us to read
  • Bibles and devotionals
  • Campground directories
  • Bird and Tree identification references
  • Cookbooks — bare minimum:  Joy of Cooking, 1 bread cookbook, and 1 vegetarian cookbook

This takes up …. I guess… about one of our interior storage bins. It’s kind of hard to judge because we place the different categories in different parts of the coach.  More loading today in between raindrops.

Date for Buyer’s Final Walk-Through

Home-Final-InspectionThe best news is that our Agent texted to inform us the buyer will do their pre-closing walk-through 1 week from today — June 5!  It’s beginning to feel like this is actually going to happen.  We came so close to closing last year and it didn’t happen.  Part of me is still afraid to actually believe it’s going to happen, I don’t want to be disappointed all over again.  But it’s looking good so far.

We’ll be in town from the campground anyway.  So I’ll unlock the door, let the buyer in to wander, and if they have questions about anything they can ask away.

Nine Days till Closing?

Nine Days till Closing?

The only service shut-off I have yet to take care of is AT&T Uverse — I’ll wait a couple days for that — I can turn them off instantly.  I would like to get our DISH account set up today.  See how that goes, and how busy I get during the day.

That gets us to 9 more days till closing.

And 6 days from now we will have Journey loaded up, the house emptied out and off we head to Bong Recreation Area for the first 12 nights of our new Life Unscripted.


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