A Week’s Worth of Loading and Prep

What a beautiful holiday weekend Sunday!

To be yourself...

To be yourself…

I have to say that my self-ness is finally returning a bit at a time.  It’s been hard to accept that the drama of waiting to sell Journey is nearing an end.

Which only means that this week is going to be crammed jammed with chores.  We have one week and one day before we head out in Journey. There’s a lot to be done!

Now that I once again have a ladder tall enough to get up to Journey‘s roof I have some topside cleaning to do.  I want to decided whether I’m going to change out our crank-up TV antenna with something higher tech and better wind configured.  And — an important task — to remeasure her from ground to tip-top tip and assess our new road clearance.  I don’t think anything we’ve added has changed her but it never hurts to double check!

  • I’ll get our DISH network receiver setup this week.
  • Rearrange RV storage – inside and out
  • Find a better storage solution for the few tools I still have — right over the driver’s tire is not a good place — too much weight there already! 😀
  • Start bringing our possessions out and stowing them inside.
  • Evaluate how we’re going to travel with computers — we are bringing along different gear than we took with us last summer and what worked then will not work now.
  • And then there’s photo gear to stow — with re-configured sofa storage.
  • And spices!  Oh the spices!  And rearranging the new spice racks Michael built for us.

On a positive note – read that as “NOT  A COSTLY” note – I double checked our RV tire build dates and it seems I had mentally added a few years to their age since we first took delivery — we have a good three to four years usable life on them (in terms of rubber life, not tread) so there’s no need to contemplate replacement for some time.  Tires are one of those things I would have replaced before we went mobile if we needed but given my penchant for waiting till we are right on top of something before I do it, I would have waited till this week to do so.

our CR-V (before the Blue-Ox installation

our CR-V (before the Blue-Ox installation

On a negative note — we got notification from Honda that our CR-V needs a recall repair — and coincidentally, when we got back to Cudahy our SRS light came on and stayed on indicating a problem with airbags or seatbelts — so we’ll get that done too.  Don’t like the problem with airbags though…. gonna get that checked out right a way.

Prescription Pad

Then there are the myriad of little things that any soon-to-be-mobile-person needs doing.  I’m going to have my prescriptions transferred to Auto Fill so they’ll arrive at Kathryn’s house and she’ll Express Mail them on to us wherever we are.  At least until I go on Medicare next February.  After that we may re-thing that choice but for now our current pharmacy price is better than I can get at ANY of the nationwide options.

Our new Missouri Botanical membership cards arrived during our trip!  Glad to have those. We are hoping to get as much use out of them this coming year as we did in the past.  We hope to spend a lot of time in botanic gardens and wildlife refuges in the next few years!

numeral 12

Twelve Days till Closing?

Well, I have a coach-full of stuff to do today, so I better get started.

Cheery-Bye and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


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