Old Diary

At The Gardens With Kathryn

Yesterday was a day of mixed blessings.  When the day’s forecast improved we had invited our daughter to join us for a day of nature at Chicago Botanic Gardens.  The day could not have been better.  Clear skies, temps in the mid 70’s and beyond, and not too many people at the gardens.

But it was a mixed blessing because we were reminded that with the property closing closing in on us the time is coming when Katy won’t be just a hop skip and a jump down the road from us.  We’ll go from being able to see her whenever we choose to having limited time to enjoy her company.  She’s always been just right there.  Except for a short time when she was living in NJ she’s lived at most 10 miles from us. So, we dawdled and chatted over breakfast, we dawdles and chatted through the gardens and we dawdles and chatted over lunch.  You get the unifying factor here?

The Images are all from today.  Quicky  touchups on some of them, and cropping.  I’m amazed at how good a job that little iPhone does.  I didn’t want to be messing with cameras on a day when we had Katy with us, to we took the easy route.

Part of the day did end up being about out future leanings, where to spend the winter (TX we are thinking), how quickly we’ll move once we get past our existing September 17 final reservation, and what we may be thinking about for specific locations (no idea at all).  There was some counter-play with discussions about their remodel plans for Graham Street so we all had input and we all learned a little.

Eighteen Days Till Closing?

Eighteen Days Till Closing?

In the end, however, it was mostly just a sweet day.

We haven’t yet heard when we’ll be able to pick up Journey.  Bradd & Hall can have her until Friday night but we are hoping they may finish her up earlier and avoid the need to travel on the holiday weekend.  As a result we aren’t planning any trips for the coming week. That doesn’t mean there aren’t things to do.  I need to pay for one of the inspection repairs – so I’ll be heading over to the roofers on Monday morning.  There are a couple legal matters I need to take care of now that we are getting close.  And a couple “utility” notifications to be taken care of.  Verizon’s got their claws into us and I need to sort out a change there.  I did get our utility budget payment plan paid up so that the closing isn’t going to take a big hunk of money for utilities.  I’m not sure if my hit-list of to-do’s will prove to be complete but I give a little time each day to thinking about loose details that may not yet be handled.

Now that we are getting close I’m getting excited — but not exactly about getting on the road – maybe a little more about getting all the stuff done beforehand that needs doing before we are no longer living in Cudahy.  There’s a little faux-panic there.  We’ve been talking about this for 18 months — pretty soon the rubber’s gonna meet the road and whether we’ve prepared well enough for our future will soon be fact and not fiction.